Hi there. I'm looking for another player (or a few) to join an ongoing playtest group on Saturday at 1:30 CST. We have one consistent player and one or two maybe's. I'm looking to get at least 2 consistent players, which will make the experience better for the consistent player and hopefully for the playtest. Gameplay is focused on realistic tactical combat with lots of options, with gritty wounds and an action points type mechanic. Gameplay ideals are to have those things but with minimal crunch to keep things fluid. Combat points are split between attack and defense each round, so you have to choose how aggressive or defensive you want to be.&nbsp; We're about halfway through a conversion of the D&amp;D adventure: 'Lost Mines of Phandelvar'. It will be easy to transition in a new player into the story. The main player is a druid build with a less powerful NPC ally who is sort of like a fighter/tank, and a goblin ally. Non-magic combat weapon builds have been tested pretty well and should be solid gameplay wise. Magic has a lot left to be playtested but hopefully would be fun to explore. There's a huge variety of kinds of casters you can play, which is another focus of the system. The exact math is being worked out on that, but tons of choices. I also run a weekly new player game to introduce the mechanics and gameplay. You can find a little bit more information about the game and the rules there. If you're not sure about the 1:30 slot, feel free to join tomorrow's evening introduction slot and see if the game's for you. <a href="https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/248569/forge-of-steel-one-shot-playtest" rel="nofollow">https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/248569/forge-of-steel-one-shot-playtest</a> Here's a link to the current game rules, if you don't bother clicking the previous link. <a href="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rwwt8dp5cn57w18/AAD_IIAmucETRSDesDOo_MO6a?dl=0" rel="nofollow">https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rwwt8dp5cn57w18/AAD_IIAmucETRSDesDOo_MO6a?dl=0</a> Happy gaming!