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Make the Ability score method options available to everyone

I have a pro account and could not figure out why so many players with free account were having issues creating characters with the charactermancer. So I created a free account to see what may be the issue and noticed that with no books purchased and with a free account,  I have to manually enter my ability scores.  One of the hardest things for a new player to do is to calculate their points for their ability scores.  I suggest (not sure if this is even the right forum) granting the other options (27 point buy, standard array and roll4d6) for the free accounts. I often read on the forums how people are not impressed with the charactermancer, etc. when all the while I see it as awesome - but then it is not a level playing field as I own the books and have a pro account.  This is a mechanic feature and not something required to access via a purchase. I believe it would go a long way to improving the overall user experience and will help you convert more users to members instead of losing them to the Beyond. 
As I understand it, the additional character generation methods are not part of the free SRD released by Wizards of the Coast and cannot legally be provided unless they purchase the Player's Handbook .
I do not think the 27 point buy, standard array or roll 4d6  are IP and are more general knowledge or once were house rules which now are adopted. It would be like Parker pens saying they have the right to all IP you write using their pens, after all they provided the ink..... I would challenge it. 
B Simon Smith
Marketplace Creator
The point buy method is not within the SRD, and thus cannot be freely distributed. Roll20 is not in a place to challenge the IP, as WotC could simply not renew their license, and then Roll20 and all the users would be SOoL.
Actually, I did some "Light reading" of the SRD. At no point does it tell you how to assign ability scores so to follow the same logic, there should be no place to add values to the sheet, since the document does not refer to any process for doing so. The SRD does not touch on any method for starting scores for a character... Unless you have a more complete copy than the one found here - you will see what I mean.&nbsp; &nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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But those methods are included in the Player's Handbook . They were intentionally left out of the SRD by WotC, and Roll20 intentionally added them to the Charactermancer only upon purchase of the PHB. This question has been raised and answered before.
Roll20 Dev Team
Roll20 Team
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