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Looking to learn Mongoose Traveller 2nd Ed. Space Combat

I would really like to figure out how it works, in both small craft and capitol ship combat. Anyone willing to run me through some battles?
I Could help you with that if you want, as i am a fairly experienced player. And to be frank, i could give you a solid ship design tool aswell if you think that will at least be any good. Though for the purpose of walking you through the battle system we will use standard ships in the core rule book/high guard. Though to get the basics of space combat i would recommend we just practice with 'small craft' (aka regular ships) as in most games there will almost never be a capital on capital fight or even a capital fight on regular ship
Check out Seth Sorkaskies youtub channel, he has an excellent set of learning vids on both coc and traveller. Wish I could put a link in here but that might make our overlords upset lol.
I just wish finding a traveller game on here was easier
I have watched Seth's stuff (I really like his Cthulhu stuff, some of it is hilarious), but there is nothing like hands-on learning. At least for me. Gordon519, just send me a link and we can discuss a time.