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Unauthorized Access to Games needs to be fixed


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Many are having issues with the following: - DM's have players unable to join a game. - Player's getting a message saying they are not authorized to join a game. Both situations are the same issue, but from the different perspectives of Player vs. DM. The problem is they joined the game before. It was to play in the campaign that was currently being played.  Afterwards, everyone exported characters and left the game or were removed from the game. Some time later, those same players are invited to another game being played in that same Roll20 game, but none of them can join it. They will either get an unauthorized message or are shown a screen without any way to access the game. It seems that someone leaves a game or is removed from a game means they are now banned from the game permanently. I would love to see that fixed. If you are invited to a game, there is nothing that should stop you from being able to re-join that game unless the game creator banned you from it, but Roll20 does not have that as an option. I spend too much time building campaigns to have to scrap it all and start fresh just so I can have my players able to join the game I want to run.
Hi, Yep my group is having the exact same issue, we play a westmarch campaign with 15+ players so they leave the game after the session. We tested around: - We created a new blank account, it can join the game even after being kicked once. But once it left using his button "leave game"the account had the error. --> Players that leave a game by themselves can not rejoin the game ever  (NOT AUTHORIZED error) - Actualizing the link (kicking someone does it) doesn't fix it Could we have a fix soon ? It makes us unable to play entirly !
This sounds like a bug report to me.&nbsp; I think the fix would be expedited if you created a bug ticket via Help Desk rather than a feature request here.&nbsp; Link to creating help desk request. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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I made a post and saw two others in that area. I made a post here to try help the process along and create more awareness of the problem. Thanks for the link. I can try that route as well.
I'm also having this issue.&nbsp; Are there any workarounds?

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I got an email saying it was fixed after sending a message to the help desk request aisforanagrams sent above&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp; I invited the people and they were able to join again, but I started experiencing a different problem where I couldn't drag and drop spells to my npc's anymore. I had to delete the NPC's and then add them back in order to alter them.
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