Time: Saturdays, 5 pm PST to 9pm PST&nbsp; Seeking One player.- Had someone ghost right after session zero. 18+ or older please . There will be adult content and situations within this game. Consider this a hard R rating. While I avoid sexual situations beyond fade to black, if it makes sense and pushes forward the story, I will include details, including things that may trigger people. Murder, dead children killed by evil people or monsters,&nbsp; people being abused, or tortured. I don't focus on these things, but the players can run across these things, after all they are heroes setting out to stop monsters from doing monstrous things. Attendance Must be able to attend at least 90% of the sessions. If two players are missing, the game will be cancelled. This is something that I wish to avoid. I have and will replace players who miss too much. I have done this multiple times in the past. Please don't waste my time, or even worse, the other players time. Come on time. If life pops up, and it happens, give as much notice to me and the other players as possible. This allows me to decide if we can hold a session or not, and lets other players make plans for the day considering everyone is giving up a weekend day for this game. Don't be "that guy." DM Experience: Starting back in the 80s when my much older brothers needed another player, I played first and second edition nearly two decades. I have DM'd in six campaigns on roll20. The one other that I am currently DM'ing has been ongoing, weekly, for nearly two years. I consider myself a very experienced DM, but am always learning new things. Thats why it still remains fun for me. Players must be mature. No infighting. No rule lawyers. If I make a decision, go with it, its part of the game. We are all here to have fun. If you disagree with me, talk to me after the game. I try to be fair and open minded as possible. I am NOT picking on anyone. I am here to run the game as impartially as possible. If monsters seem to be targeting you there IS an IN GAME reason behind it. This campaign is meant for mature adults, as it deals with mature themes and realism in violence, sexuality, death, joy and sorrow. Innocents will die. Bad people will do bad things. Death is not only possible, but probable as I will not hold back from killing players if the situation warrants it. Monsters go for the kill if it is to their benefit, and NPC's will act in their own best interest.&nbsp; Defeats only make the triumphs all the more sweet.&nbsp; I roll EVERYTHING openly. There are NO fudged rolls, in your favor, or against it. Monsters do NOT always follow the stats in the monster manuals.&nbsp; "But the monster manual says that this monstert only has 52 hit points..." This is a GUIDELINE, NOT a rule. DM's can modify monsters to their hearts content.&nbsp; The rule of cool is applied when DM feels its appropriate. If it adds to the story, and is fun, why not? For players convienence I have purchased the following books which helps ease character creation- Players handbook, Volos guide to monsters, Tome of Foes, Xanathars, Tashas, and more. Game Style- I try to do do an equal amount of roleplay opportunities and combat. Some sessions will be entirely RP. Sometimes several in a row with little combat opportunities. Sometimes we will have combat intensive sessions, sometimes several in a row, especially if its a dungeon.&nbsp;&nbsp; Players must have discord and a working computer and stable internet.&nbsp; Tipping is optional . Everything I get tipped goes into the campaign, buying books and assets for all of us to enjoy, hence why I own so many of the books already. I will ask or prompt for donations to pay for my roll20 sub at 10 bucks a month, as I think it's not too much to ask to not have to pay money to provide you a fun experience. Im not looking to make money off DM'ing but I also don't want to spend money either more than I already have. Campaign Setting &nbsp;Taraborn is a world of stark contrasts. Lush, fertile jungles, rugged, snowy mountain peaks, and barren wastes where any life struggles to survive.&nbsp; Every country on the two continents have their own flavor, their own history and traditions. From Shita, the lands of Minotaur pirates and mercenaries, Vilonsia the picturesque Halfling countryside of rolling hills and fertile fields, to the militant elven kingdom of Huava or the Vampire controlled lands of Graul. Adventures abound, opportunity and death lurking around every corner for those brave enough to seek to find power, fame or fortune. This campaign will include dungeons, cities, towns and villages that I have created through years of work on the world. Maps are custom made from pieces I have purchased from artists on roll20 or other software online. Some maps take me literal days to create, populate and include dynamic lighting. This campaign will take the approved backgrounds that players come up with and I will attempt to create hooks and campaign arcs that involve your character. I try hard to keep from railroading characters down a certain path, as much as is possible on roll20.&nbsp; I want the world to come to life based around what your characters need, desire or fear. Nothing makes DND more fun than when you are INVESTED in your character.&nbsp; Roleplay and Combat This campaign will include Combat and Roleplay in equal importance. I need players to be active. You don't have to use a voice, we aren't all actors. However, I don't want a wallflower either. Everyone needs a voice in the group. Too often its just one active person, and the rest just let things happen. Make your character come alive.&nbsp; Alignment: This campaign does not require characters to be good. However, you must create a character and roleplay him in a way that he can work in a party. Chaotic stupid is not allowed. If you become disruptive to the group or game, the group has the right to simply kill your character off or eject them from their party.&nbsp; All actions of the party will have consequences in the game. If you try to murder hobo your way through life, the party will quickly find itself arrested or executed by the authorities. There's always someone bigger, badder and meaner.&nbsp; Theme: Players can expect to travel across wilderness teeming with bandits, monsters and friendly or hostile peoples. Towns, villages, and cities are filled with npcs, friendly, netural or hostile towards the players dependent on their actions and reputations.&nbsp;&nbsp; Campaign Length : The campaign will last as long as I am interested in running the campaign, as long as the players are interested, and as long as something drastic doesn't keep me from DMing. Homebrew Rules/Char creation 1. The lucky feat is not allowed 2. . Players start with one extra feat from a list I provide to choose from. 3. Dying can have severe consequences. There is a chance that the strain of death will be too much for your body to handle, leading to permanent death. 4. For level up hit points, players roll the dice. If below the average, players may take the average.&nbsp; Combat is rough, you will need the extra health. 5.&nbsp; On a crit, you automatically max the original damage dice. This makes crit mean more. On the flip size... monsters also have this advantage, which can lead to massive hits. Rules subject to change or addition, for pleasure of group or dm. 27 point buy + free feat from a list of approved feats that I include in notes.. Starting at 1st lvl.&nbsp;&nbsp; Other rules for char creation are listed in game.&nbsp; Any other questions, ask the DM. To apply, please send a PM OR post below. Applicants 1. Can you make 90%+ of all of the meetings?&nbsp; 2. This campaign is rated R, with adult situations. Can you handle that? 3. What class/race do you wish to play?&nbsp; 4. Age/sex/location 5. Have you played dungeons and dragons before. If so, please describe your experience. 6. Have you played this edition? 7. How much experience do you have with DND and roll20? 8.&nbsp; Do you have discord, and a working microphone that you can use to hear and speak through? 9. Can you play well with others?&nbsp; 10. Did you read everything? I hope so! &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/9616575/applications-post-here" rel="nofollow">https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/9616575/applications-post-here</a>