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[Interest Check] Home is Where the Hurt Is: Cyberpunk Red

I bought the core book for Cyberpunk Red on release and want to GM a few games. I want to broadcast them on Twitch and upload them to YouTube, so personality will be prioritized should interest be enough on this platform. Despite the fact that a large majority portion of the ruleset rewards combative interaction, I want there to be a balance between violence, coercion, political intrigue and the general Night City experience. With this vision being representative of some of what I want to provide on Twitch/YouTube, there are a couple of things I want to avoid: Dead Air - Since my games won't be heavily dependent on visual representation (I don't want the distraction of manipulating digital miniatures to frequently bog down the narrative flow), being able to be verbally-concise and engaging is a must! Power gaming/Min-Maxing - The game is about the experience of being in Night City. I don't want to run a pseudo-supers game or some legendary event that emulates the plot points of the universe. Those stories have already been told by the creators, this is our time to shine! All that having been said, I would like to evaluate the interest level in a CPR game and see if I need to recruit on another platform. If you'd be interested, please respond to this post. I'm Central time US, but I have a pretty open schedule. Games will most likely be weekly, but I'm fine with bi-weekly if that's what is convenient for the players. Thanks for taking time to read this post!
EST here and very interested.  Played/GM'd both 2013 and 2020 back in the day and would love to give the new iteration a go.  I tend to more of a 'noirish' take on my characters and would be up for giving a Fixer, Nomad, Lawman, or Solo a go.
I am interested, but scheduling could be tricky since I am in GMT zone.
EST time here, I'd be very interested in giving Cyberpunk Red a go.  
yes yes yes i didnt know this was a thing but i just spent the mid afternoon of christmas eve reading what its about. Im 23 and ill be starting college soon but i would love to learn how to play and see what cyberpunk can do. Ps iv bought the video game and being able to visualize NC but from a DnD standpoint is sweet.
Also interested. I'm in PST, have the book, and have been meaning to give it a try, myself. Ideally I'd play a netrunner. Dead air shouldn't be an issue. I'm free on most weekdays, but not on Wednesday.
Sheet Author
I'm interested, I can play EST time zone, Tuesdays or Thursdays. I recently got my hands on the book, so haven't had time to read any rules yet, but that should go fast if a game is brewing ^^
In 2 days, there's been decent interest. I'll continue to monitor this post and will set up the media systems (most likely Discord for voice). Once that's finished, I'll create a new ad for the actual game. Applications will be posted on the game page itself (not in the LFG forums or through private message). I look forward to hearing what kinds of tales can be told through you, the players!
PST interested also, please keep in the loop if this game comes together and you need another player.
The official recruitment is up! Check out the listing  for some prerequesites, then head to the actual LFG listing where I have the application thread home. Be sure to read the sticky posts so you know what you're getting into and can adequately evaluate if this is something you can do. If so, apply and I'll PM you the link to the Discord! I'm looking forward to getting started on awesome Night City shennanigans!