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Outrageous moments in your gaming life?

I want to read the craziest stories about what's happened around a table. What was the most outrageous moment in your gaming life?
Bet this will be interesting 

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The Roll20 forums are for discussing topics directly related to Roll20 and its usage. As this is only indirectly related, you should take this discussion to another, broader, RPG discussion site.

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Rabulais is correct. Great places to discuss this might be : /r/rpg /r/dnd /r/dndnext /r/roll20 As it is, the thread will likely be locked by a mod soon as off topic.

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Before they lock this; My most outrageous moment was using an npc prince ( we were supposed to save ) as a surfboard to get across a slope of acid. Prince dead, but hey my character survived. That was my first D&D session 21 years ago and I still feel (kinda) bad about it! XD