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Card Deck Bulk Upload - Bugs & Feedback thread

Roll20 Team
Hi, everyone! As of Tuesday (01-05-2021), you can upload multiple cards at a time when building a card deck. This enhancement adds an “Add Multiple” button that accepts multiple image files.  The following documents have been updated and may be useful to users unfamiliar with uploading card decks: Creating and Editing Decks If you find that there is anything missing, please let us know. If you have any suggestions for useful instructions/details to be added. Depending on feedback, there may be future adjustments and possibly some exciting additional features.

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Great addition. Definately useful. It popped up during an upload of a deck...great surprise. Thank you.

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Being able to type Text onto card-faces,&nbsp; To "print" (display) the Card's Name and Card's Face Text into the chat room with a click,&nbsp; to "Show as Nameplate" the name/title of that card, under the card as if it is a token, is ESSENTIAL for Accessibility, for card-decks to become accessible to visually impaired users among other game use-case needs. Please read, 6 years of customer requests for this: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp; When will text accessibility be added to card decks, TK? Player 5 drew the card that is named: "King of Hearts" Card Face Text: The "King of Hearts" card gives you a +5 on initiative and heals 3 HP!
Seconding Gold's request for text on cards.&nbsp;

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Sheet Author
Thanks for the update TK J. Love seeing Roll20 continuing to develop it's existing features. As Gold has already mentioned there are some very popular community suggestions.&nbsp; Maybe this update is a precursor to some much needed card/deck enhancements in 2021? ;-)
It's nice to be able to upload multiple cards at once, thank's. But for some systems like Fate or the Chronicles of Darkness, where you create Aspects or Tikts on the fly as rhe game progress, you don't even want to create a graphical card and upload it. For these games it would be nice to define the content of a card as (rich) textbox and be allowed to enter text directly. Also to be able to add and show a title would be nice. It must be possible to add new text cards to an existing deck during play. It would be nice to be able to configure if only the gamemaster or any player may add cards to a deck. KKind regards Christian&nbsp;
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API Scripter
You can add cards to a deck during play using the API. You might need to hide/show (not sure), but you would almost certainly need to shuffle, though.
This is great, I'd love to see this added for rollable tables as well!

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Thank you for the update, Please, can you add this "Option" ? This will allow GM to make deck private and will open Roll20 to more possibility when it's come to Deck based system. This will just only prevent player to see the Deck when he is "Show", and will not allow them to draw from the deck ! This is something really important for Deck based system... Because when you have 6 Player, you finish with 8 Deck "Opened on the screen for player and it's pretty boring to Scroll every time througth them, and they can't edit the card they have. (AS a GM I See them all for sure xD ..)
This new feature popped up just as I was trying to use an old script to assemble a handful of decks each containing a few hundred cards.&nbsp; That was especially great since I wasn't able to get the script working but the new bulk add feature let me complete the decks.&nbsp; Unfortunately the order of the cards got all scrambled up during the upload and the card count listed on the Collections tab is off by a few hundred.&nbsp; Some sort of sort feature, or even better a way to search through the deck, would be super helpful.
Forum Champion
Imagine, if the Card Decks could get support added for plain text (title/name, and contents/face text), that would also make Searching them possible. Tesla Ranger said: even better a way to search through the deck, would be super helpful.
+1 for the ability to create both card decks with only (predefined) plain text content and ones with a blank text entry field would be extremely useful, the former could serve as condition/status markers, treasure cards and other notes/items quite nicely whilst the latter is honestly really necessary for games like FATE which have an aspect based economy, and where such elements frequently need to be generated on the fly (and not always by the GM). I've recently been trying to port the card-game Icarus into Roll20, and although most of the elements are pretty easy to convert over (even with my extreme lack of knowledge about how Roll20 works), the essential part of the game involves collaboratively generating Aspects that are evolved as the rounds of the game progress, and thus need to be accessible, and viewable, by everyone in the game. In PnP this is accomplished through a shared set of notecards, in the current cludged together version I have produced I am relying upon the old favourite of using a rectangular shape overlaid with and locked to a text box, however this is very clunky and has, during the couple of tests I have run with friends, led to delays and confusion with people unable to work out how to enter text, accidentally separating the text box from the rectangle or just generally delays when/if we run out of pregenerated 'cards' and I need to quickly try and recreate one for the next Aspect.
As Gold pointed out, the absence of text entries for card decks is an accessibility issue for visually impaired users as much as anything else. Please make this a priority, Roll20.
Nice to see card decks getting some love. Some card game mechanics are lacking, though. I was going to create suggestions in the suggestion forum but I didn't think there were enough Roll20 users interested in cards that would add their votes. Some games require the mechanic of each player building their deck from other decks or cards on the table. Each player needs a deck pile they can draw from to their hand and discard pile and the ability to reshuffle their discard pile. Merging decks together (sometimes you need a deck made up of two or more decks). One can duplicate a deck but not combine them together. There is no ability to duplicate cards in a deck (only delete them). Some games need to be able to stack the deck. An example would be dealing the deck into three piles, put a special card at the bottom of each, shuffle two of the piles and place them under the unshuffled pile. Or something like that.
Forum Champion
Doug please make sure those Card Deck improvements are included in this popular Suggestion thread too, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Doug E. said: Some games require the mechanic of each player building their deck from other decks or cards on the table. Each player needs a deck pile they can draw from to their hand and discard pile and the ability to reshuffle their discard pile. Merging decks together (sometimes you need a deck made up of two or more decks). One can duplicate a deck but not combine them together. There is no ability to duplicate cards in a deck (only delete them). Some games need to be able to stack the deck.
Done. Apparently, I had voted for the suggestion in the past but didn't follow it so I forgot it was even a thing.
Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
I haven't tried out the new bulk upload, but agree 100% with Gold that option to create cards that contains plain text instead of images is a really good idea.
Text on cards please! 6 years ago that was asked for...
So I am currently trying to recreate Catan and am getting a little frustrated when trying to create the decks.&nbsp; When I try to add multiple cards by dragging the images from my library it ends up adding even more copies than I intended and even includes pictures that I didn't intend. Basically what I've been doing is by using the add multiple cards option I will try to add 19 copies of a single image by repeatedly dragging the image from my library to the add multiple cards window.&nbsp; And in the window where it shows what cards you are adding everything looks right, but as soon as I click "Create" it will add even more copies of that image as well as multiple copies of images within the same subfolder in my library.&nbsp; The last time before coming here it added over 50 extra cards.&nbsp; Not sure what is causing this, but it sure is annoying having to scroll through the deck and individually count each card type then manually delete extras that were added to the deck to make sure that its correct.
I have a suggestion in the queue here:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I use custom decks for Chronicles of Darkness Conditions and Tilts. As a player receives one in gameplay, I deal the specific card to their hand. CofD conditions can remain for long periods, or be almost instantly resolved. Currently, I only have the option, as the GM, to "Steal Card", which requires the Player to approve, or prompt the Player to discard it to the table. Both of these interrupt gameplay and narrative focus. As the GM I should have the ability to recall specific cards to the deck, even if they are in a player's hand.
Hi! For the last week or so, when I try to use Add Multiple for a deck, it says it's processing them, but then doesn't add the cards.&nbsp; Is this happening for anyone else? Thanks!
It is happening to me too. But it shows up in My Library so I just drag it from there into the image slot.
Same here. Bulk adding of cards adds the images to the library, but does not create any cards.
Happening to me too, but it doesn't even show in my library
Bulk adding of cards/decks is all over the place. First, it would add to the library and not create the cards, as above, then when I moved on to the next deck a portion of bulk added cards from previous decks would be added to them.
Same problem here. Though I found out that exiting a game and launching it again after each deck modification seems to prevent such issues.
Same here, need to upload 150 cards from Pendragon Book of Feats. Is there any plan of when this will be fixed or do I need to upload one by one? (hope not)
Same problem. Feature simply doesn't work. Files are processed, but no cards are created. Issue repeats on Windows and Linux, using Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. Can users who successfully use this feature share your OS and browser and/or any other settings which seem to affect it?

Edited 1619467341
Can confirm a 100% workaround for this (at least on Chrome). Open your desired deck and click the 'add multiple' button and the upload window pops up. Open your asset library and click on any image on your list of assets to bring up the 'recent uploads' window. Drag and drop your desired images from your 'recent uploads' window into the card deck upload window box. This creates the cards for you using the file name as the card name by default. Note: Check to see if you have duplicates of the images you uploaded, as the normal 'add multiple' method repeatedly uploads images to your asset library but not create cards which takes up storage space! Edit: spelling &amp; formatting.
Spoony solution worked (also tested on Chrome)

Edited 1619882235
+1 for Spoony workaround on Firefox. And as I said before, quitting the game and then launching it again between each deck modification allows to avoid ending up with several copies of the same card.
Tried Spoony's workaround on Chrome and Firefox, didn't work on any. Seems it's going to work but when I release de bulk it does nothing and the bulk number tag stays frozen in place even after I close the deck window until I log out of the game.
Forum Champion
Another person reporting that Multiple Card bulk upload doesn't work: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> It has been 5 months since Roll20 Team replied (above) on troubleshooting this feature that was introduced in January.

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I can confirm that the multiple cards bulk upload does not work. It uploads my images without issue, starts converting, and then nothing. I tried my bulk uploads with 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 40 and 54 cards. None of them worked. All images were JPG bellow 1 mb tailor made to be used on roll 20. I was using chrome and i tried Edge and Firefox afterwards.
It's upload images but it's NOT ADD them as cards. So you need add cards one by one and then choose pic for every one. And this is lame. Because it almost doesn't differ from single loading