So I've been getting into the prerequisites of streaming Pen & Paper games on Twitch and have been doing some research and trying a few things to get the game to look the way I want it to.  I wanted to have the game screen as well as the possibility to spotlight players without the game screen being shown. Still I love the 3D dice and would love to show those to the viewers, even when the game screen isn't shown at the time.  I've fiddled around a bit and found a way that works in OBS Studio, using a page inside the game as virtual green screen and moving myself in player view to that.  Since it is being streamed I've been wondering though, if this is still within the Terms of Service or if there is anything that speaks against using this method.  If it is ok to do this though I'll gladly post a step-by-step tutorial in the "Stupid Roll20 Tricks" topic.