Sheet Requested:  A modified D&D 5e sheet, with a few new sections and some different functions than the standard.  I don't need all of the features from the official roll20 sheet, like compendium or charactermancer support.  Specifics are in the google doc linked below. Bounty: $600 minimum, or $30/hour.  I don't have an accurate idea of how long this might take, so please give me your estimate if you are interested.   Character Sheet Example: Imgur link to the mockups is   here.  I have all of the individual parts of the sheet separated as well, if that would make roll20 integration easier. Functionality Details: The link  here  is to the Google doc with the specific functionality I have in mind.   PM me if you are interested, or with any questions/feedback about the sheet or the features in the doc.  Thank you!