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Can you remove a character from the drop down menu in chat?

Hey so I'm new to roll20 and im currently GMing, and i'm building up a small library of characters & other stuff for future reference, but whenever I make a character it automatically adds it to the drop down menu, making it cluttered (especially since i imported spell templates and used "characters" to give them tokens). Is there a way to remove them from the "Chat As: " drop down menu? Thank you!
Unfortunately every character you have 'Can Be Edited and Controlled By' access to will show up in that list.  It would be nice if there was on option on the character sheet to disable that, which would also be nice for non-character sheets that PCs have access to (like a familiar that can't speak, or a torch icon they can move around). I see there have  been   suggestions  for this before: you could try starting a new one.

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Jordan C.
API Scripter
If you have Stylus (or elect to install it for this) you can use a rule that will hide any options between a range. For instance this one will show the first option (GM) and everything after the 16th ( I think... )  #speakingas option ~ option:nth-child(-n+16) { display: none; } I imagine you could add multiple ranges to hide ones that don't begin with numbers. Edit: The major caveat here is that the numbers define a range and will stay the same even when you add a new character which would throw off which ones get hidden.