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Player Permissions as Toggled Room Options

Score + 38

Edited 1610639899
For a period of time, my friend's game room was allowing all players to resize tokens at will. I don't know how or when this happened, but we loved it, especially with a Rune Knight Fighter and a Duergar in the party. We played today and that feature seems to have disappeared, much to our disappointment. I would like to suggest giving the DM the ability to toggle the following player permissions for their rooms: 1) ALLOW/DISALLOW: Players can adjust  the size, text, bars, vision, associated values, etc of any token they control at will.      1a) ALLOW/DISALLOW: Players can save the changes they make to tokens they control. 2) ON/OFF: Players automatically have control of any sheet and token they import.      2a) ON/OFF: If a sheet is imported with no permissions set, the owner is automatically given permissions .      2b) ON/OFF:  If a sheet is imported with permissions set to all players , permissions are reset so that only the owner has permissions. 3) ALLOW/DISALLOW: Players can organize any items they control and have access to within their journal. This does not include folders. Alternatively, a new role could be added that would give players more agency in these ways, perhaps a Co-DM role?
yes to all
Great idea, especially sheets imported being able to retain/automatically be assigned Edit control to the person who imported would be fantastic. Also a toggle option for letting players edit size and token settings like that is a great idea too!
Yes please for all of it!