Whether player or dungeon master, I'm here to help! Need a sheet filled out? Don't have time to create custom tokens? Do you have homebrew you would like to convert to a VTT? Want to create something extra for your game without sacrificing worldbuilding time? All of this and more I am here to provide and assist you with so you can play more and stress less. :) About me Greetings, fellow adventures and dungeon masters! I'm the Dungeon Scribe *, and I want to be your wizard behind the screen. I have been playing D&D 5e for more than 5 years. In that time, I was able to earn some qualifications in business and bookkeeping that made me realise how much I like doing repetitive tasks. I made use of my free time by converting D&D books into Word documents for easy access and find functions. Then it clicked that I could combine the two things I enjoy the most into a service for others, rather than something I do purely for personal use. Thus, this post was born! What I'm offering I am here to offer my free time and effort to help you get your games off the ground faster. I will do the behind-the-screen tasks that are often involved with DMing. These include but are not limited to: Creating/statting character sheets or monster blocks Creating tokens Filling out excel sheets for bots or other automated processes Converting homebrew material to a VTT Formatting/proofreading a homebrew document to look professional Data entry and editing I am proficient in Microsoft Word/Excel and Google Docs/Google Sheets. I am most familiar with Roll20, then Fantasy Grounds and less so (but capable) with Foundry. Pricing Prices will vary greatly depending on the size/scale and detail of your project. As a general rule of thumb, I am charging minimum $10 AUD per hour of work. This may increase up to $20 AUD if it is a particularly large project (100+ stat blocks, for example). A detailed NPC monster block may take me anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes, while I could fill out an excel sheet fairly quickly within an hour. I will take all requests case-by-case, and the price is subject to change at my discretion. As I'm still new to this, I don't have a lot of examples to base my rates on. I will be updating this section as I learn more. Please note that if you have a deadline, this may also raise the price. I would like to keep this casual. How to contact me Feel free comment on this post with a basic idea of your request, send me a PM directly or make an order over at my Fiverr page. Alternatively, this has been cross-posted on r/dndnext and r/DnD if any of those options are comfier for you. If you personally aren't interested in this kind of thing but you know someone that might, I would greatly appreciate if you directed them here! Thank you so much for reading. <3 P.S. Please let me know if there is anything wrong with the post and I will correct it ASAP. *This is mostly a placeholder name, but let me know if it sounds cool/is worth keeping!