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Custom Sheet, Global Hidden Rolls.


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Hello Team, I'm finishing up custom sheet for my system but realized that I never added an option for "global hidden rolls". I very new to the whole HTML/CSS thing so the only idea I have is to create some sort of checkbox with value="/w gm" and just add @{that_value} in every roll button I have at the begging of its value. Is there perhaps some less time consuming and prettier way to do it instead? Thanks for help in advance!
Sheet Author
There might be other ways to go about this. I would say there isn't, but I expect someone will come along with some way to go about this that I haven't seen or thought about. I have a "whispertoggle" attribute in my sheets.  One thing that is nice about doing it that way (whatever your attribute name) is that any custom macros can be written with @{selected|that_value} at the beginning, and they will respond to the whisper setting on the sheet.  I simply have a pair of buttons at the upper right on my sheets with the same attribute, but one with a value of "/w gm " and one with "".  You need the extra space after the gm, because you can't have a space between this attribute call and the beginning of your macro, or else the space will break your macros when the blank value is active.

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Sheet Author
API Scripter
Your button rolls will all have something like this (the specific text may vary).: value="&{template This text should ONLY exist in your button rolls, so you can do a global find/replace, something like FIND: &{template REPLACE WITH: @{that_value} &{template and voila, instant global hidden rolls setting applied.