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Why can't players see each others character sheets?

I have googled and it seems like this is not allowed (without giving each other full edit rights) That is very strange, people have been complaining for at least 5 years... has this not been fixed yet?
Sheet Author
discomute said: That is very strange, people have been complaining for at least 5 years... has this not been fixed yet? First of all, this isn't a bug that needs fixed. The way character sheets work, you need to be able to edit them to be able to... change/edit attributes.  You are changing attributes when you switch tabs from a main tab to an inventory tab for instance.  Which is also why when 2 people are looking at a sheet (GM and player) the view will change for both when one of them collapses a text area or changes a tab, expands a feat or attack area to show hidden settings or inputs.  That is also changing an attribute. The entire structure that character sheets are built in would need tweaked to allow things to work otherwise, and it would have to be done in a way that wouldn't mess up how the 700+ character sheets on the platform currently work.  Basically, this isn't some simple change to ask for people to be able to see but not edit. So, do you trust your players to only edit their own sheets?  If so give them all the permissions.  If someone needs help and one of your players can provide it at times you can't, give them the permissions.  You can always revoke them if there are problems.  It is a bother to keep up with, but you could also just make copies of the character sheets, and make those public.  You would probably need to redo that each time the group levels up though.