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Improved search functionality for items purchased from the marketplace

Right now the search function for items in the media library is essentially non-functional.  For people (like me) that have bought a bunch of map packs for use in our games it's extremely tedious to have to constantly scan hundreds of different pieces to find the one you want.   This doesn't need to be a fancy meta-data search.  Something as simple as non-case sensitive search for user provided words (or string fragments) in the names of the items would be a big improvement.  
This is frustrating. I have spent loads of money on items I then can not find. 

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I agree that Search (in-game) could be improved a lot. In the meantime: what is searchable are the Artist/Creator's name, the Art pack's title, the Tags and Filenames of the individual assets within. The "TAGS" are the most important in some ways, the tags are written by the artist/publisher/uploader and each asset is limited to a few tags so they do not include unlimited synonyms. Workaround Tips: (Go back to Marketplace on Roll20 website if necessary first to gather info). Now back in-game, on the search, include either the name of the Artist or the Art Pack title (to narrow it down to just those pieces), and try --- not easy but try --- to understand how the publisher assigned TAGS on the individual assets. Since everyone has their own tag vocabulary and choices, it really depends on the art pack, but many of the artists use their own system of tagging, so that you could more-easily find "Corner" or "Hallway" or "Table" or "Door". tl;dr include actual existing Tags that were used on the pack & Artist name in your search
Amen John S. It's extremely irritating to spend five minutes rifling through folders for a file that I can't find with search, and the string I searched for is RIGHT THERE IN THE FILENAME!! ARRRRGGH.

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@Aardwulf - Totally agree.   @gold Thanks for that feedback and suggestion.  I'm not sure that will help me though.   Generally speaking, I know what map pack I'm looking for, but since I have several of these which come with as many as 400+ little modular pieces I need to be able to search for the specific piece.  I don't think pack level tags or authors will help there.   As a case in point, yesterday I was building a spaceport map for one of my games.  I was looking through the specific pack I needed, and all I wanted to find was a few plain floor tiles.  It took the better part of 45 minutes as I kept scrolling back and forth.  I tried searching using the terms "deck plate", "deckplate", "floor plate", "Floor" and "floor".  None of these turned up anything in any of my dozens of marketplace purchases (which I find very fishy) and when I ultimately found what I was looking for it was called " DASB Room Section 5 Floor 2x2 ".   So, I knew the map pack I wanted, and I knew the artist, I just needed that one piece.  The word "Floor" was even in the title.  I'd like to see the search functionality pick up that kind of stuff.  
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both of those above examples that need to be fixed, then, I agree. If the word is IN THE FILENAME If the search word is IN THE TAGS ("Floor") then it should not return a blank result. You both got a blank result on those searches? Or an overwhelming/everything-in-the-pack result? For better or worse, when it comes to my suggestion of learning how the Pack's Artist wrote the asset-item-level-Tags, that's where I'm saying your best bet would be to (magically know, or study/prepare/familiarize) to search for, say: DASB Floor 2x2  since including DASB is unlikely to bring up other packs, other artists, and including Floor 2x2 should've narrowed down all your DASB results out of 100's. If DASB Floor returns nothing, that's a bug
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Yes! We really need a better search function. 
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