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Attacks/Skill Checks, etc. not working in 5e Mass Effect character sheet

No idea if this is the right place to ask this, but I need some troubleshooting help and have not been able to find an answer elsewhere in the forums. I imported a character from one of my games to another, but in the new game, none of the attacks, spell attacks, ability checks, skill checks, or saving throws are working, despite the character sheet being the exact same one in my previous game, which is fully functional. There's a lot of "no attribute found" messages when I click one of my abilities, etc. ( No attribute was found for @{Zaina Tulani|constitution_mod} ) and the occasional syntax error ( SyntaxError: Expected "(", ".", "[", "abs(", "ceil(", "d", "floor(", "round(", "t", "{", [ |\t], [+|\-] or [0-9] but "Z" found. ). Any idea what could be the issue? I know virtually nothing about coding, so any answers involving programming please ELI5.

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ᐰndreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
That's a community created sheet, so Roll20 doesn't maintain it, but the community. I suggest you repost this in the Char sheet forums where it's more likely to be seen by someone relevant.(and include the answers to my question in your new post) IIRC, that sheet used to not work at all for a long time, but that someone made an update fairly recently to it that should have fixed things, so that might be a possible explanation. When you look at the imported sheet, are any stats missing, when you look at the main char sheet tab? when I click one of my abilities Are you referring here to the Attributes & abilites tab? Was the old game create with a pro account(and having the character sheet template "custom" selected, instead of the sheet available in the menu?)
Great, thanks a bunch. I reposted in the character sheet forums already. I'll be sure to clarify there.