Hello, in the game Beyond the Supernatural a healer has an ability which has a lot of moving parts. I will post the full description at the end of the post. But for now i wrote down what i need the scripts to do Self healing 3d6+3 points of healing SDC or HP Penalty for 1d4+2 hours Reduce speed by 30% -1 attack per melee -2 on initiative -2 on perception -1 to combat bonus -10% to all skillls Healing others  has a cost of 20 I.S.P. 3d6+3 points of healing sdc or hp Penalty for 1d4+2 hours Reduce speed 60% -2 attacks per melee -4 on initiative -4 on perception -2 on combat bonus -20% on all skills Final Or impervious to fire cold and smoke for 4 minutes per level Penalty for 1d4+2 hours Reduce speed by 30% -1 attack per melee -2 on initiative -2 on perception -1 to combat bonus -10% to all skillls so i figure set up initial choice of self, others, special, penalty start, penalty stop. The player and GM can keep track of in game time for how long the penalty lasts. Then under self and others do the healing and flavor texts. Then penalty start and stop for the other changes.  Its the penalty stop and start that im not sure on the syntax. Miraculous heal &{template:default}{{name=Miraculous Healing}} {{[Self](~selected|Self1)}} {{[Others](~selected|Others1)}}  {{[Penalty Start](~selected|PS1)}}  {{[Penalty Stop](~selected|PS2)}}   Self1 !ammo @{selected|token_id} character_hp [[2d6]] Hit Points Other1 &{template:default}{{name=character}}{{Heal}}{{Heal by Touch H.P.}}{{Heal H.P.=[[3d6+3]]}} This miraculous self-healing trance can restore Hit Points (or S.D.C.), close and heal wounds, stop internal bleeding/injury and purge the psychic's body of poisons or drugs. To accomplish this incredible healing, the character slips into a deep, uninterrupted, meditative trance. The progress of the unwanted chemicals is instantly stopped and damage is reversed, healing 3D6+3 points of damage within eight minutes. This trance can also be used to purge himself of mind control, possession, magic disease or magic curse, but takes twice as long.  Note: There is no I.S.P. cost to heal himself in this manner, however, the Psychic Healer can only perform a Miraculous Healing twice per 24 hour period, feels weak for 1D4+2 hours afterward and suffers the following penalties for the entire duration: Reduce Spd by 30%, -1 attack per melee round, -2 on initiative and Perception Rolls, -1 on all combat bonuses and -10% on all skills. Special: Miraculous Healing may be performed on another, mortal person (or animal), but costs 20 I.S.P. and leaves the Healer very weak (double all the penalties above). Both the Healer and the patient will remain in the trance the entire time and it must not be interrupted for the healing to work. In the alternative, the Healer can make himself impervious to fire, smoke and cold (all three) by doing a Miraculous Healing Trance on himself first; takes the full 8 minutes of meditation and the benefits last four minutes per level of experience. Or he can instead survive without air for the full eight minutes of the trance