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Restore Marketplace Module Map

I am having severe errors with the Alien RPG Marketplace product maps.  The dynamic lighting is very odd and inconsistent.  I've built a tutorial for how to use dynamic lighting in my session, but now the main map is corrupted.  I submitted a bug report for bad layers and missing data. I would like to restore the map from the original module and keep trying until my ticket is addressed.  Spent a bunch of money on Alien in print and then Roll20 and about to throw in the towel. If I rebuild the module from scratch as a brand new game, how can I copy materials, tokens, lighting, that was working on some location pages that I made custom into the newly generated module?  I can't find a copy/paste/export function for pages. p.s. asking people to fill out a bug report sheet in a specific format with a whole Q&A is what you do with paid subcontractors not customers.  Really didn't appreciate that response.
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Hi Naahz, What specifically are you trying to restore? The page with all the DL lines you have set, or just the image? The image is easy enough. You can copy from a new module instance by selecting the image, pressing Z to get the preview then downloading and uploading. Or you can attach it to a character as a token and use the Character Vault to move it between campaigns if you want to avoid using any personal Art Library space. If it is the DL lines that you need, that's a bit harder. A Campaign Rollback is possible, though it is a Pro perk. You might be able to convince a dev to try, depending on the cause, but they need info in order to create and assign a ticket appropriately, the reason for the questions you answer when filing a  Help Center Request . Although I have some methods of speaking to the team as a Forum Champion, I also fill out a Help Center Request when reporting most issues. To answer your larger question, Copying entire pages, along with associated tokens, DL lines and more is possible with the Transmogrifier, again, a Pro subscriber perk.
Keith thanks for your reply.   Of note, the " transmogrifier "  is not mentioned in the description of various subscriptions.  Roll20 staff I would suggest you call it something like "ability to copy entire pages from one game to another".   It would seem to me pretty common for people to want to use content they bought in one module in more than one game. So the "plus member tip" here is that when you buy a module, you should immediately duplicate every page  in the module so that if something goes wrong you can go back to the original.  I feel like this should be something you can easily do with a purchased product out of the box without a work around. To my recollection I tried to use "hide" and "reveal" functions on a map and it totally fragged the whole thing.  Now I have to rebuild the whole game from the base start of the game with module selected that I did hours ago. I would further suggestion "campaign rollback"  be called "Undo action" which I have at a base level using Ctrl+Z but that definitely didn't fix my problem.  Maybe we need a  "game save point" feature and a "return to previous save point" feature.  Again if this was available in a higher subscription level it should be called out explicitly.  I certainly would have paid $5 to not have several hours messing with this problem, but at this point I have no idea if it will even fix my problem or how many wiki articles I'll need to digest to do so. I feel I should be able to ingest a module into a game and thus add or restore a page that was corrupted by either bad build, cache troubles (seems common according to bugs page), or user error.
Bug Discovery: while editing map layer it is very easy to grab and move the background.  Ctrl+Z does not undo this change, so with one click you can misalign the entire map, can't undue it, and with the Alien RPG the alignment is not to the corner of the visual area.