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[LFP] [LFG] I am wanting to learn how to DM

I have a friend that would like to learn how to play D&D, I as a player within my first year thought I would learn. IF YOU ARE A DM,  I have been watching countless YouTube videos, and reading how to DM. I am looking for someone to help get me on my feet foremost. I am a very fast learner, committed, and ready to go. If this fits you please leave PM or leave a  Discord name Preferred Pronouns Experience Thank you!

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I might be able to help you out. Discord is Dullblah#6374 I've been playing and DM quite a bit since 2e. I currently run 5e at home for my stepson and other kids. 

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What DnD do you wish to learn? Tsr DnD? or  WOTC DnD such as 3e, 3.5, 4e or 5e?
D&D 5e
Awesome! It's always great to see more people wanting to jump onto the other side of the screen!!! I have sent you a PM.
Hi! I hope you'll enjoy learning the ways of the DM! If you need help, or have any questions, you're always free to ask! Maybe a bit of an unneccessary advice, but, try to start with the Master's Vault (Which is free) on Roll20! It can also be used as a plot hook, I believe. Or at least I have in the past. :)
I salute you for wanting to DM!
Thank you! This community has been super supportive in this endeavor . I am excited and would love any tips, or things you wish you could tell that young, big eyed, DM-newbie!
You are wanting to learn how to DM with a fire in your belly and a passion for the game to back it up! And what better way to practice than to try your hand DMing for the newest wide-eyed players there are and learn DMing with people who want to try playing D&amp;D for the first time, getting used to these new and exciting concepts together in the same boat? I have recently started a small giveback initiative called Far Lands - Prodigies to help give back to the community and help D&amp;D grow, especially during these lockdown times! The response has been overwhelming and I could sure use a hand to give as many of these new players as possible some fun and chances to play, I think it could be a perfect match for you :D I am happy to have you sit in on some of my sessions, help guide with Roll20 when I can and support you with them if you are game as well, there is a topic for DMs on the LFG, do not hesitate to plant your mark there if you want to get involved :D and a toast to a new DM in this great game! <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>