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pause to show results of first die

In pathfinder, lances while mounted are proving to be complex beasts for macros. If you are charging, they are +2 to hit and do double damage. If you crit they do triple damage. If you crit on a charge they are +2 to hit and do quadruple damage. If your target is smaller than your mount, you are +1 to hit. If you are...... Okay, I think you get the idea. So I made an attack macro and a damage macro. Both compute a bunch of stuff, but also ask you for some mods. What I would like to do is put them into one button, but let you see the attack roll result before you enter the damage multiplier. Is this possible?  Here is what I have: @{Zreck|whispertype} &{template:pc} {{name=lance}} {{type=attackdamage}} {{showchar=@{Zreck|rollshowchar}}} {{charname=@{Zreck|character_name}}} {{nonlethal=[[1[Nonlethal]]]}} {{attack=1}}{{roll=[[1d20cs>20 +@{Zreck|melee_mod}[Melee] + ?{charge/height bonus?} + 0[Ability] + 0[MOD] + 0[TEMP] + (@{Zreck|attack_condition})[CONDITION] + @{Zreck|rollmod_attack}[QUERY] ]]}} {{critconfirm=[[1d20cs20 + 9[Melee] + 0[Ability] + 0[MOD] + 0[TEMP] + (@{Zreck|attack_condition})[CONDITION] + @{Zreck|rollmod_attack}[QUERY] + @{Zreck|critconfirm_bonus}[CRIT CONFIRM BONUS] ]]}}{{atkvs=(Melee vs AC)}}{{descflag=[[1]]}}{{desc=And my lance!}}{{shownotes=[[1]]}}{{notes=}}{{damage=1}} &{template:default} {{name=Test Attack}} {{name=Lance Damage!}} {{ Zreck yells I dub thee SHISHKEBOB! as he stabs  for [[(floor(1d6+(@{zreck|strength_mod}*1.5)))*?{damage multiplier?}|1]] points of damage}} /fx splatter-blood @{target|Source|token_id} @{target|Destination|token_id}

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No it isn't - a macro is run immediately and entirely. You can do two macros and link with a button like the 5e, if that's any good to you? Two macros, atk1 and dmg1 on a sheet called bob: &{template:default} {{name=Stuff}} {{Attack Roll=[[1d20]]}} {{[Roll Damage](~bob|dmg1)}} &{template:default} {{name=Thing}} {{Damage=[[?{Queries about attack roll|it was fun, 1|I'd do it again, 2}*[[2d6]] damage}} You'd just put atk1 on your macro bar and run the damage from the button. I think that's about your only option.
Thanks, I had a hunch. I will look into the boxes I have seen people make that have multiple macro buttons in them so at least I will only need one macro on my bar.