Greetings! This week we pushed code with the following changes: Updated the WebRTC Icons to reflect more commonly identifiable symbols Improved the resiliency of the VTT to not break when a window is shrunk or minimized Esper Genesis Compendium Entry was added Link changes for mobile site Report A Bug in the Toolbar redirects to Help Center "Game Player" badge is removed from a given game’s forum posts after a player leaves said game Pathfinder 2 Resolved issue where the total bulk of the inventory was wrong if capacity items total was superior to stowed items bulk. PCs and NPCs spellcasters spell uses (current and maximum) should not reset anymore when opening the sheet. Check it Out Through our Tiltify campaign, we’ve partnered with Code2040 to aid in their mission against racial disparity in the tech industry. We’re matching donations up to $50,000, and we’re in it for the long haul—we’re going to keep the campaign going until we reach that goal. Learn more here! Pro users! Don’t forget to unlock the new reserve item from Roll20 Reserve! On the Roll20 Blog: Updated Dynamic Lighting 1.0 is Live Miss any of our Rollvember streams? Catch up here! Looking for previous release notes? Read the  full list on the Roll20 Help Center , or check out the  most recent note here .