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LFP Pathfinder 1e - Rise of the Runelords

Game time - 12pm CST - 5pm CST @ Saturdays Heyo, I am going to be starting a new campaign soon, choosing to do the Rise of the Runelords AP. Plan to put my own spin on it and class it up a bit. I already have a small group ready, just in the market for one or two more players. Preferably newer players as I would like to use this opportunity to teach someone Pathfinder and how it works. My gm-ing style is about flavor and style. I prefer grandiose roleplay and stylish moments over long debates on the minutiae of how certain things work out. I have a rather strong system mastery, I just dislike rules lawyering and needless pedantry. I would rather laugh and make dope memories to look back fondly on than sit around and argue line of sight rulings or go check some obscure FAQ about two spell interactions. I put high preference, bordering on requiring for my players to do some sort of character voice. Doesn't have to be good, it can be godawful but I like the flavor it brings to the table. I put preference on players who are more about story than mechanics. For application purposes just post a small but about yourself as a player, what you are looking for in a game, your style of play, characters ideas, etc. Game time - 12pm CST - 5pm CST @ Saturdays
interested in joining what im looking for in a game is just sitting back and enjoying the journey and flow of the game naturally unfold between players in role playing and combat.  There is a couple of long time characters that i would bring to the campaign depending on who you have playing now.  I would bring a dwarf fighter Jingle Beard who has a long back story of growing up in the five kingdoms crafting weapons and armor.  He learned how to fight during skirmishes with goblin raiding parties and eventually set out into the world to perfect his craft and better the world and make friends.  I also have Tuvil Black hand a Human wizard who grew up in Taldor middle class learning of business.  With his education he took quick to the ways of wizardry and completed his apprenticeship and set out into the world to find magical knowledge of the old empire and discover artifacts. PM if you got questions or if u want to talk on discord let me know
Would like to play Runelords :D I didn't get to play all the way thru the first time i was in a group for Rise of the Runelords. I was playing a war-priest that time, but since then I have made a long list of characters that i haven't gotten to play since 2nd ed came out. Lately I have been been playing party support because I want to make sure that if i can help other party members succeed at something, then im having a good time :) Witch ever character i would play, i hope to just add to party balance, and teamwork, and role-play. I've got Isen Fisher, a Fetchling summoner that is, as far as he is concerned, CURSED to be followed by his family's guardian spirit. Then there is Shreeky, a young Kobold thats just trying to make her way in the world and survive anywhere she finds herself; be it in the wild, on the streets, or below them. There are more, and I know any of them would be fun to play. Hit me up if you'd like to add me to the group :)