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All players can only see DMs' Audio and Video until DM leaves

This has been going on for a few weeks and each session we give roll20 a chance before we start using google meets.   If the DM leaves the other 4 players can see and hear each other on a webpage refresh.  If the DM joins the DM can see and hear everyone but the players can then only see the DM.   Is there a weird setting buried somewhere that we accidently turned on? 
We did some testing and this is only an issue in our roll20 tablegame.   If we make a new game we don't have this issue.  Any thoughts? 

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Can you continue in the new game? Does not fix anything, but it might solve the problem.
Unfortunately we have 200 hours in this one and our DM has so many fog of war paths drawn that it would be a nightmare to redo.   We are using google meets to deal with it, but it would be nice to use roll 20 again.  
Your GM can try making a copy of the game (using the Copy Game feature on the game's settings page) and see if the new copy works better for you all.
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If it's an older game, make sure you aren't using the deprecated Chat Tech. You can also try the reconnect button instead of refreshing the page. Not all of these options will be available to players (only the reconnect), but the GM can handle the others.
Copy of the game had the same issues.  Verified the settings were correct.   I will try to get a debug log next.  
I am having the same issue as Zac