This is a list of the issues I am having with mobile support. It's also a list of things I'd like to see either added or repaired. I'm going to break it down by item in the help document. I am using a Nexus 7, with Chrome Beta, latest update. I also use it in Chrome, because It's my default browser on the device. Sidebar  Since mobile devices feature screens which have extreme aspect ratios, we automatically hide the sidebar when the device is in portrait orientation (up-and-down), and show the sidebar (chat, token library, etc.) when the device is rotated to the landscape orientation (sideways). Doesn't work in either. Sidebar is always displayed. Right-click menu  Since there is no "right-click" on tablets, if you want to bring up the advanced menu for tokens (which you would normally do by right-clicking on a token), just tap and hold on the token for about a second and a half, then release. The advanced menu will pop up and you can proceed. I have to double tap the token to make that happen. Single touch hold brings up the quick editors (not sure what to call them) that surround the token, And it pings the screen (See below for issues on that.) Panning vs Selecting  One finger is used for selecting and manipulating (moving, resizing, etc.) tokens on the tabletop. If you single-tap and hold on a blank area, you will perform a ping. Single-tap and hold on a token to bring up the advanced menu . Panning - works fine when I select he pan option from the left menu, which isn't hard, nut it not efficient. Pan around by two finger (listed below) kind of works, but it's full of glitch. Selecting basic selecting is fine.  selecting to drag can be cumbersome. Sometimes it doesn't move, or pings the screen, pops up the quick editors. Tap with two or more fingers at once, then drag to pan around the tabletop . Remember to hide the keyboard  Mobile browsers have a tendency to show the keyboard as often as possible, which can make it hard to scroll and move around the screen. Remember that there is often a button on th keyboard which will hide it manually so that you can get your screen real estate back . No issues. It's up to me to do this. Sound and music limitations  There is currently a limitation in the Safari Mobile browser which will only allow it to play one sound a time. This means that you can only play one jukebox track at once . I also use an iPad 2, and this is fine and dandy, but hopefully this is fixed. Video Chat is Unsupported  Mobile browsers don't currently support Flash or WebRTC, so it is currently not possible to use video chat while you are playing in Roll20. You may use Skype mobile (with your desktop counterparts using Skype for desktop) to have a voice chat going while you are using the mobile browser, though. \ Not much you can do here. Other things of note: Resizing has been a bit hard to figure out. I get it to work, but often it takes a few tries. It seems to need very precise touching. Maybe because of zoom level. Moving around the map has been difficult at times, especially when I am switching from pan view to select. It's glitchy and sluggish. The DM side of things has been very challenging. How do you copy or set to back  tiles with no right click? How do I change the layer of a token? I can't resize the edit window of anything.