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Is it possible to copy your token settings from one token to another?

I need to create a bunch of different-looking tokens, but have them all have the exact same settings (same hp, same aura, same nameplate, etc). Is it possible to copy your token settings from one token to another, or do I just need to do all of this by hand?
David M.
API Scripter
You could make them into multiple sides of a rollable table token which represents a single character sheet. Once created, set all the token properties and save as the default token for the character, then change the side as needed either manually or with Token-mod (can also set to random side using  !token-mod --set currentside|* ). My SpawnDefaultToken script can also "summon" any qty of default tokens to the map on random or specific sides. Alternative: use Token-mod to set parameters on selected token(s) using target token values. This wouldn't require rollable table token setup.
The Aaron
Roll20 Production Team
API Scripter
In a similar vein, you can copy/paste the token then change the imgsrc with TokenMod (image must be in a User library).
You could also just set up a TokenMod macro with whatever settings you want for all the tokens.  If you have a master Token page (as many modules do), you can select all the tokens at once and run the macro a single time, otherwise you'd just need to run it when you pull a token out from the journal tab.
You guys are awesome!!! Thanks so much, all of those cool methods are going to help me a TON with my near-future projects :-D