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Public rolls only for players in the same map

Hi all, I'm running an investigation campaign and I usually split the party in two or more group. I set up the sheets so they always whisper the rolls to me, and that way they can't know if they infiltration is going fine, or if they are being dominated (failed will save, for instance), or in combat, because they don't see the rolls at all. Recently, they let me know that they would like to see the attack rolls of the other members of the party (as they do on tabletop). They agree that hidden rolls are quite anti-climatic (if there is a critical hit, they want to see it).  Changing the sheet configuration each time does not seem to be a good solution. Is there any way to make public rolls only for players in the same map? That is, can i move some player no other maps so they can't see the rolls of another map? Any other solution is also welcome. Best!
Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
I guess one option would be to create dummy characters for each page, assign ovnership of the character to those who are on the page, and then have all rolls whispered to the right dummy character. Not sure how the whispering would need to set up. Would be a bit annoying to change ownership settings each time a player moves a page, but I'm already imagining this could be done with an dedicated API and sheets that store the whisper setting in an attribute (wtype = "/w gm" or ""), making it possible for an API to automatically edit the wtype attribute to be for the right "page"-characters. Oh man, I got tons of ideas for hypothetically possible & practical APIs.
Thanks for your suggestions Andreas. Maybe I can create duplicates of the PCs and use the ones that whisper when they are doing something in another map... Best...