For my game the individuals have character sheets, but the crew has a character sheet as well. Since we can only have 1 sheet, I devised a workaround using tabs. An attribute for a "quartermaster" is set by default to 'notQM': <input type='hidden' class='sheet-QMtoggle' name='attr_QMTab'  value='notQM'  /> Using the CharSetAttr script, I can set 1 player to qm, changing the value of QMtab to 'isQM'.  !setattr --all --silent --QMtab|@{selected|isQM} When notQM, the character sheet shows a list of readonly inputs. When isQM, those same fields are editable. Then I have a macro that, using CharSetAttr, will copy the the data from the QM's sheet (assuming I have their token selected) and inject that data into everyon else's character sheet. !setattr --all --silent --crew_chapter|@{selected|crew_chapter} ChatSetAttr works great! My process is not the smoothest, but it works, so I'm happy. With that background, I have 2 questions related to this. When I have a textarea and use this, only data before the 'return' is copied. Is this a limitation of the script, or the nature of the textarea? And is there a way around it?  Is there anything that can be done with repeating fields using this or a similar method? My current workaround for both of these was to replace the textarea or repeating fields with a series of standard text inputs. This is fine until those lists grow larger and i need to update the sheets/etc. Also, it doesn't look as cool and limits some "note taking" abilities. I'm pretty new to this (haven't looked at html since 2000 and just started learning css and javascript a few weeks ago) - so this might be better served in the Character Sheet forum. I'm just not entirely sure. If this involves creating some custom API scripts I'm probably in over my head (until i have some breathing room to learn more). Thanks!