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Dragging Monsters from Compendium is not adding their sheets to the Journal. Also some creatures seem to be missing character art.


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Much like the title says, for the last three or four weeks I've been having a problem with my journal. I am using Chrome on Windows 10 I am DM ing a 5e game for the first time.  Up until recently whenever I've dragged an NPC or monster from the compendium onto the battle map it's created an entry in the journal with all the clickable abilities etc.  This has been a great boon as it has saved me from doing all the math etc. More recently, that seems to have stopped.  When I drag the monster (or whatever) on the battle map it opens the Compendium sheet, not the character sheet (so, lacking all those clickable buttons).  It also fails to add the monster to the journal as it did before. I've spent weeks trying to google what the hell is going on.  My Google-fu is weak, but I'm getting a bit fed up from all the looking. Double shift clicking seems to bring up the sheet, but only as a true pop-out window - something I'd rather avoid - and it still doesn't solve the no-entry-in-journal problem. Also, when dragging a hobgoblin warlord over, it seems to be missing it's token art.  Also everything stats-wise. Something is very screwy and I'm getting a little stressed about it.
I am desperate to avoid having to restart as I have a LOT of stuff done on this campaign and its been running for over three months, now.  What can I do?
OK, so I worked out what was happening with the shift+double clicking.  I'm a dingus. In my desperation, I toggled on the " Use window popouts for characters"   entry and that would account for the separate window.  The problems with the Journal persist.

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I've gone to one of my backups of the game from before I added the DMG to the game.  In that game, everything seemed to be working fine.  It's from over a month ago, however, so I REALLY don't want to have to go back to that.

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Screen shots would help. There are too many things it might be, based on the description. It could be no character sheet is defined, or you already have a copy of a creature in the game with an identical name, or dragging from the proficiency in a language rather than a monster name, or clicking instead of dragging, or running a third party extension... and so on. Screen shots might clear up a lot of those potential causes.
OK, what do you need screenshots of? I'm afraid I''m very new at this, so I'm not sure what would be helpful to screenshot.

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One thing I have noticed is that I seem have duplicates of creatures from different sources, might this be the problem?  In the compendium, I mean.

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OK, I have no idea why this has solved it, but it has. I noticed that the creatures I was having problems with all came with their names below them.  This is something that other creatures weren't doing. All the creatures that had the name were from the Monster Manual. On a hunch, I scrolled to the top of the compendium entry for the Ghost and changed the drop down menu for the source from "monster manual" to "5th edition SRD" and, for a reason I cannot comprehend, that seems  to have fixed it. I did the same for the "Veteran" and that seemed to fix it, too. I have no idea why, but I'm not going to poke much more, as I'm moderately terrified that I might un  fix it. Thanks for your patience, Keith, and I hope this proves helpful to anyone who has a similar problem.
Ok, celebrations seem to have been premature.  The main problem seems to be that dragging from the compendium doesn't move the monster into the Journal.

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OK, I'm not sure if this is relevant, but back before I owned the DMG I manually made some monsters that were direct copies. (the DMG wasn't available then).  I've looked at the campaign journal and there seems to be Zombie 2 and Ghoul 2 etc added from when I added the DMG.   Is that important? Is there any way to remove these?
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If you have a creature named "Zombie", (as opposed to "Zombie 1"), already in the game, a compendium drag will add nothing. This is to keep you from accidentally overwriting any homebrew changes. Remove any creature from the game whom you wish to drag in a fresh copy of. You can right click on their journal entry and delete, or you can rename it to anything other than the default name. To verify that you don't have a deeper problem than this, create a fresh game without any content and check if you can drag in any creatures there.
I went through my compendium and removed any creatures that would have a conflicting name.  This seemed to fix it?  Thanks! It feels a little strange that having *any* conflicting names would break unrelated monsters, though.  I never made a "homebrew" Ghost as it was far too high a CR for my fledgling party, so it feels a little strange that having a "homebrew" zombie would break that, too. Regardless, thanks for the advice!