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[LFG][5E DND][CST] 2 Players looking to join a group or help get one started?

Me and my friend are trying to get into a group together if at all possible! Preferably weekends but weekdays after 7PM CST would work if that's what easiest! We're hoping to use both Discord and Roll20 if possible, but understand if it's not.  About Me:  I'm 29 and new to DND but not to TTRPG (mostly have done WoD games as both an ST and a player) and I just started my first official game of DND this year! I mostly play cleric/healer/support but I'm not opposed to other classes, just still learning so I might have a lot of questions along the way! I'm pretty flexible and not too picky about things, just apologetic and anxious given my newbie status! About Him: He's 31 and a veteran at DND. He's played a variety of classes before but I think he enjoys more flexible roles? (Bard Fighter?) He doesn't really enjoy point array or 0HP permadeath in games he plays but is otherwise pretty open?  We're both veteran roleplayers in text though! We're available on discord for ic and ooc stuff!  Fingers crossed!
Hi. I am 30 and a causal player looking to learn more. I have been having trouble finding groups offline that can get past more then the first five sessions. My weekends are pretty free but weekdays I wouldn't be able to play until 8pm because of work. This is the first time trying to play online and I am looking forward to some adventures and having some fun.
Hello hello!  Me and my S.O are in the same boat trying to find a group or help one get started as well. Same time slot for the weekends pretty much!
How would Sunday sit for you all? I'm an experienced(ish) DM of 4-5 years but I am UK based, so we'd have to work out time. I'm 30 and wouldn't have an issue running for all 5 people mentioned in this post so far. If you're interested, just PM me. I'll keep an eye on this post as well, just in case.
I could make Sundays work.
Hi, I’m an old dnd hand but newish to 5th ed. I’d love to get a weekend campaign going. I’m player friendly for an old schooler, and I like to give plenty role play opportunities. I love player characters. I am pacific time. Pm me fr more deets!
I am also in central time and have been looking for a D&D group to join! I am interested and would be willing to play any role if there are slots available?
Hello, I run a large group of players named the Nerds In The Basement. We are currently looking for 2 more players for a Monday evening game. It would be 9pm - 11pm CST.

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Hi, I'm new to the game and looking to join my first campaign. I'm inexperienced but I learn quickly. I'd prefer not to give out personal information, and to keep the game appropriate. If you don't want an inexperienced player joining your campaign, I totally understand, bc I'll need a lot of guidance. I can't use discord and will most likely only use my keyboard.  Thanks for your consideration! (Edit) I'm looking for a more RP geared game, and more player interaction