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D&D BECMI attributes

Hello I'm using BECMI character sheet for a D&D game and I have a problem with a macro and the attributes it calls. I need to create a weapon attack macro, I looked at the code of the button that sends the macro to the chat box, which is: {template:5eDefault} {{weapon=1}} {{title=@{meleeweaponname}}} {{subheader=@{character_name}}} {{subheaderright=vs @{meleetarget}}} {{attack=[[@{thac0}-({1d20+[[@{strength_mod}]]+@{meleemagic}+@{meleemastery},{1}}kh1)]]}} {{damage=[[{@{meleedmg}+[[@{strength_mod}]]+@{meleemagic},{1}}kh1]]}} {{attackshowinfoblock=1}} {{attackrange=Melee}} {{attackacmod=@{meleeacbonus}}} {{attackeffects=@{meleeeffects}}} {{attacksave=@{meleesaves}}} so I created a macro with the same code but where there is @{strength_mod} I put @{selected|strength_mod} and so on. Problem is, everything inside the weapon instance (i.e. @meleemastery, @meleedmg and so on) is not parsed out correctly; only what comes from outside the weapon instance is (i.e. @character_name, @thac0 and @strength_mod). Obviously it works if I put fixed values on the attributes in the Attributes and Abilities section of the character sheet, but what's the purpose of a macro if I have to manually change values at each level and mastery advancement? What am I missing? Is there a way to make it work?
Sheet Author
I am guessing here, since I've never used or looked at that sheet, that these are inside a repeating section.&nbsp; Attributes in a repeating section are a bit more complicated, because they get a unique row ID when each row is created.&nbsp; A roll button in a repeating section automatically takes things from the row it inhabits without needing the repeating section name or row ID, but if you are trying to create a macro outside that row, it will need the complete attribute name that includes those things. Your attribute calls would be @{repeatingsectionname_rowid_attributename} <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Yes, it's exactly this the problem, I will try your suggestion then. Thank you ☺️