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Bug with Girdle of Giant Strength and Robe of the Archmagi

Hello, I am a pro subscriber and I own a Roll20 copy of the 5e DMG.   There is a bug with magic items that replace a value in the 5e OGL character sheet.  For example, the Robe of the Archmagi sets the wearer’s base AC to 15, but the MOD section of the item has not been configured to change the wearer’s base AC.   The same is true for the Belt of Giant Strength and Gauntlets of Ogre Power which change the wearer’s base strength value.   When will this be fixed?
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I see the correct behavior from the Belt of Giant Strength, which is from the SRD. The DMG belts are broken out by type, but there is still an error there. The mod is written as "Strength 27" in the case of Cloud Giants. It should be "Strength: 27". The former adds 27 to the strength, the latter sets it to that specific value. This sort of thing should be reported in a  Help Center Request . Forum posts are not usually seen by the dev team unless they are in a curated thread.
Keith, Thanks, adding the : fixed it.
Keith, I spoke too soon.  Changing the MOD entry to "AC: 15" on the Robe of the Archmagi still adds 15 to the characters AC instead of making the base value 15.