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Rogue crit macro!


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I've been playing a rogue assassin lately and decided to multiclass into fighter a bit and take the champion subclass. The problem with that however is that I don't know how macro for Improved Critical and Assassinate. Is there any way to do this?
What system and sheet are you using? Macros often use templates, and templates are based on the sheet.
I'm using the 5e OGL sheet. Still not used to commands.
Okay, that makes it easy for me, as that's the sheet I know. First, for the Improved Critical, that's really easy. You go to the Settings tab on the sheet (the Cog symbol after Core/Bio/Spells) and then adjust the Critical Range number to be the minimum number that you crit on (don't make it a range, it automatically includes all numbers higher). Going to post part 2 separately for the Assassinate ability.
1st Step: Go the to Collections Tab and enable your macro bar if you don't already have it on. 2nd Step: Drag the weapon you want to set up the ability for to the Macro Bar, then click on the macro to make it run. 3rd Step: Press up in the chat box to get the Unique identifier for the attack entry on your sheet. It should look similar to the long string of stuff in the macro button. Copy Everything inside the { } but leave those out of it. 4th Step*: Edit the attack entry for that weapon, in the description bar put: [Assassinate](~<copied string>_crit) Then, when you roll the attack, even if you didn't roll a crit, click on the word Assassinate in the description field and it will roll crit damage for that attack (including crit damage for any global damage add-ons currently enabled if that's how you set your sneak attacks). This method works better if your sheet is set not to auto roll damage. * for this example I have the following when doing it in my test game: So the string for the macro for the weapon comes out as: %{Halfling Rogue|repeating_attack_-KHKwZLCHVQnS5prAlhp_attack} I adjust it to [Assassinate](~Halfling Rogue|repeating_attack_-KHKwZLCHVQnS5prAlhp_attack_crit) in the description for the attack, and then I have the word I can click on to make it roll crit damage.
That is awesome but I already have a simple macro for the assassinate skill. I was just wondering if there was a way to modify it for improved critical? It looks like this. [[20 - 19 * ?{Assassinate|No, 0|Yes, 1}]] Is there a way to modify it so It will ask for both of them or is that already happening?
I'm not sure what you're asking here. The two features are independent of each other. If you get a crit the Assassinate ability doesn't trigger, as all it does is give you crit damage. What's the rest of your macro or what's the output for your macro, because the above alone doesn't really do anything.
I need a macro for both of them. That's the complete macro that I found while searching for one.
Where does it tell you to put it? If it works the way I suspect (in place of the attack roll) that's not how Assassinate works. It doesn't change the attack roll, all it does it give you crit damage (so long as your attack actually hit).