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Spell Templates Magic [Peter's Forge] Feedback/suggestion/request?

First off I want to say this pack is AMAZING! I am using it in Foundry VTT. All of the squares/circles work perfectly in that program. I don't know about roll20 as I don't use it, but in Foundry the cone templates don't work unless I edit them to rotate the cone so that it is going from left to right as shown in the image below. Obviously the watermark wouldnt be there. I used that preview so that there would still be a watermark and I wouldn't unintentially give away one of his assets. Would it be possible to change them in the package in the future? Or would that break roll20? That is if you were willing. Thanks
Sheet Author
I'm not sure if there is an equivalent in Foundry, but I set the size of these things, and then set to graphic to "is drawing" which turns off grid snapping while allowing you to rotate it exactly how you want it.  Then I save it to a "character" sheet that my players all have permissions to use allowing them to drag it out, rotate and place it how they wish, and delete it when they are done. I don't do this with all the templates provided in that pack of course.  It looks like I set up about 30 of them that way, which fits more spells than my players will actually use.
Nope foundry doesn't work that way unfortunately. Basically there is 4 'templates' for each damage type. Circle, Cone, Square, Ray. Its also a one size fits all' for each template. Foundry lets you place the template. You can rotate the template with the mosewheel before placing it. The images are superimposed onto the template and rotate with it. As in my OP the image has to be aligned and cropped like the image displayed or it wont line up with the template. The onlt solution is for me to manually edit all the cone png files to face that way, make sure they are centered peoperly, and crop them. But I only need one cone for each damage type as, in foundry if the cone is bigger, it resizes the image automatically to fit the template.
Forum Champion
Go into Roll20 Marketplace where you purchased the art pack, find that art pack, click on the artist name (Peter's Forge). This will take you to their Marketplace Creator Profile page of Roll20.  The artist has the option to put their social media, email, contact links there.  So you could try that route to reach them directly.