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[LFP] Sandsea Campaign


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Tides of the Sandsea -&nbsp; A desert region, most of it covered in fine-grain sand that ebbs and flows like water, compared from antiquity to a sea. Abandoned ancient metal structures can be found here and there, dotted about the ever-shifting terrain. In the past, an Empire lost to the ages sought to draw rich materials from the ground here, but relentless attacks from the Sandcales (Lizardfolk), who consider the Sandsea to be solely theirs, drove them away. Art Credit: KoboldPress: Midgard &nbsp;Worldbook ~You are all currently live in the desert city named Damascus City. Maybe you grew up here, traveled from afar, or are a refugee displaced by the raiding Sandcales. Whatever your backgrounds you find yourselves drawn to the Antlion's Nest; an adventures guild.~ Game Details Campaign: &nbsp;5e D&amp;D Homebrew Campaign set in Mulhorand Forgotten Realms that will take you from 3rd to 12th level. Here you will be raiding ancient pyramids, fighting the Sandscales, dealings with genie kind and eventually become sailors of the sandsea with your own ship. Date: &nbsp;Weekly sessions every Saturday Time: &nbsp;8:00 PM CST Place: &nbsp;PRO sever with purchased books/assets on Roll20 and voicechat via Discord Duration: &nbsp;Sessions last 3-4 hours Players: &nbsp;Looking for 1-2 more players. Have three already that are active have great attendance records. Character Creation/Rules:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
What system is this campaign using?
My apologies. 5e
Still room if any are interested. PRO sever with purchased books/assets on Roll20 and voicechat via Discord
Hey I'd be interested to join your campaign, I don't know if you'd like to DM me questions or if talking on discord would be easier but my handle is nitro#9999
I would like to join SpoonyMage.
this sounds interesting, i'd love to know more about it and maybe see if i can jump in.&nbsp;&nbsp;
If you're okay with a possible new player joining and it's either free or not to costly I would definitely be interested in talking with you more about it.&nbsp;