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Can I use fog of war in updated dynamic lighting without the dynamic lighting part?

With the legacy lighting system being retired, I'm learning the Dynamic Lighting System. Though I think Dynamic lighting is cool, I find it more of a pain that slows down my sessions and lowers my players enjoyment since they can't see what is happening away from their characters. I also like full control over what they see. This is why I would prefer to just use plain fog of war to reveal parts of the map I want my players to see. The problem that I can see with the updated dynamic lighting is that walls will always block my players vision. How do I turn off the dynamic lighting aspect in the updated dynamic lighting tools but keep the fog of war aspect (i.e. I reveal areas on the map to see and all my players can see the full area without walls blocking vision). I'm sure I could just delete all the walls that are drawn on the maps when I purchased the module and use daylight mode, but I don't want to do that for every map and want the option to still use them if the situation calls for it.
The Aaron
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You can turn off the Dynamic Lighting in the page settings, no need to delete DL lines or adjust token vision settings.  You can then use the Fog of War as normal by turning it on in the Legacy Dynamic Lighting section.  Its location should move when LDL is sunset, but the functionality will remain.

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Thanks for the post. Good to know original fog of war will remain in place, however, I really like that you can hide areas with fog of war using the polygon tool in Updated Dynamic Lighting. In the old system, you can only hide areas with a box (unless I missed a function). I think fog of war has improved with Updated Dynamic Lighting, I just wish there was a way to use those tools without the vision and lighting portion active.