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Problem with repeating other resource

I am experiencing a strange problem. When adding any item as a resource in the 5e OGL sheet, instead of filling in the repeating_other_resource$0_left.... it creates 2 additional boxes underneath, and fills in the repeating_other_resource$1_left. Just click on the arrows (resource box) And i can't delete the repeating_other_resource$0_left or right
Ok. I have checked that those blank boxes are as if they did NOT exist.... by selecting/marking 1 resource in the equipment, it is reflected as repeating_other_resource$0_left (for example Arrows which in the position where it is located should be repeating_other_resource$1_left).I think it is a bug
Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
The exact names of the resources are documented here, for referencing purposes: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
I get that bug a lot. With items, and with character powers upon level up. Like, my monk has a "Ki" resource, but level up throws a second Ki resource in there. This is why the switch to Scriptcards has been so beneficial to me. I can manipulate resources without worrying about where they are in row order.&nbsp;