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Image wont load

I'm running a Spelljammers game and I need to be able to have a transparent map so I can run it across other maps. I think the file size might be to big but ive been able to upload similar file sises, Its just the transparent one that wont load. I made the image transparent using magic eraser and the lasso tool in Photoshop if that helps.The Images on the map are what I need to have transparent backgrounds. Please Help :(
Sheet Author
A bot that links a 4 year old forum post as if it is relevant to the current issue, the invasion by our bot overlords continues. How large is the file you are trying to upload?  For a free account, the limit is 5mb, and Roll20 goes through some sort of optimizing process during the upload, so if you are pushing that limit, you might need to shrink the image a bit for it to pass.  If you have uploaded much, you might also go to your account page and check to see where you stand with your storage quota to be sure you aren't bumping up against the total storage limit.

Edited 1616352007
Ah, the image was 4.8mb, if the optimization pushed that limit that might be whats causing it, thanks for answeringso quickly. I got the issue sort of solved by just cropping the image instead of using photoshop