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HealthColors Version: 1.6.1 size change

I have a question. I am setting up an Isometric game and was wondering if there is a way to decrease the overall size of the health circle? It sits behind the token and if it was 50% smaller players could still see it but not have it make the player look like they are in a bubble. Any help would be awesome. We all love the API and it works perfect for top down.
Try this: !aura size ?{Size?|0.7} You can also see all the config options by just using: !aura
If you are comfortable with some small coding, you can achieve this by downloading healtcolors.js and changing two numbers in the function TokenSet until you are happy with the result:                 obj.set({                     'aura1_radius': sizeSet * scale * 1.8, <=== this number must be a different and negative number                     'aura2_radius': sizeSet * scale * 0.1, <=== this number must be a different and negative number                     'aura1_color': markerColor,                     'aura2_color': pColor,                     'showplayers_aura1': true,                     'showplayers_aura2': true,                 });
Oh, negative numbers. Thank you so much that is perfect! You guys are Rockstars.