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Show NPC nameplate to players


Edited 1614200488
There seems to be no more option for that in token edits. It just shows the names for me, the DM, and for none of the players. It's been a while like this, I think, but only just now we established that they do not in fact see the token names (or the number of mooks represented by each token, as it happens, like in Heroes of Might and Magic). How do I fix this?
Sheet Author
The visible checkbox toggles visibility (GM).  For visibility for players, you need to hover over the round button with 3 dots right above that (also has the player permission to edit).  Hopefully they will tweak that UI some more to make it more readily available.

Edited 1614217033
On the Details tab of a token, there should be a button with three vertical dots to the right of the word "General". If you hover over it, a drop-down menu appears that allows you to change permissions by clicking a checkbox. Once "See" is checked, the players should be able to see the token's nameplate. Edited to add: Additionally, hovering over the buttons with three vertical dots to the right of each token bar yields a dropdown menu with checkboxes for player permissions for that bar. I agree with Keith Curtis and others that this particular design is neither intuitive nor convenient. But at least the functionality is still there.
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This has been pointed out to be a design flaw numerous times since the changes were implemented. There have been assurances that it will be revisited. But no changes have been announced in the interface since November.
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They hid the setting box for that, in an update last year... Making that setting inaccessible for some users, Confusing or forgotten or wholly overlooked for other users, an extra step for every Token that you set up,  and does not seem to follow any User Interface best-practices standards. It's just a random quirky weird GUI that Roll20 made-up out of the blue, kind of like a video game easter egg where you have to click just the exact right pixel and hold your smile just the right way or you lose. If you pay a roll20 subscription and get API access, there is a community-created API Script by The Aaron that he's provided for free to Roll20 users in the One-Click drop-down, called TokenMod which makes it much easier and relatively intuitive to command-line Show Nameplate to everyone (once you learn to type in the command code to control TokenMod API). You set up your own Macro Quick Bar button with the !token-mod command words, after that it's just simply 1 quick click on any token or group of tokens to make them all consistently share the same Show-Name settings.
You can also set the default appearance of the name plate, and most other token settings.  Do this in game settings, from the settings (gear icon) menu on the front page, before you launch the game.