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Group Initiative - Is is possible to have a familiar always have the same initiative as their master?

I know this isn't D&D 5E RAW, but we're playing so that familiars have the same initiative as their masters. Currently it's not a big deal, but I have to manually adjust each familiar's initiative to match their master on the Turn Tracker. I'm wondering if there's any way to automate/adjust something to make it so that a character's familiar always has the same initiative roll as the controlling character?   I'm using the D&D 5E by Roll20 sheet, and have Group Initiative set up with that as the config, so the bonus stats groups are currently set to:  initiative_bonus|current Is there a setting or anything to have a character always copy another character's initiative roll or current order on the turn tracker? For example, would it be possible to set an attribute on the familiar's character sheet that is set to  @{tracker|MASTERSNAME}  and use that as a bonus group somehow? (It seems to cause an error that disables the script when I try it.) Or are there other scripts that can do this as a one-off?  E.g. a script that is set to just monitor specific character/token names when they are added to the turn tracker and adjust their tracker number to match a different character? Thanks for any help you can provide!
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I would just add: /r @{tracker|MASTERSNAME} &{tracker} as an action on the Familiar's sheet. Just click it after the master has rolled, or if you are rolling for the whole selected group, run it afterwards and let it replace the roll.

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You could probably do it with ChatSetAttr. I don't know the coding, but the theory would be something like this: Player Initiative Macro [MASTERINITIATIVEROLL](roll initiative) ChatSetAttr (don't know the command) set familiar|MASTERINIT= [MASTERINITIATIVEROLL] Familiar Initiative Macro familiar|MASTERINIT+[0d0} &tracker Character Total Initiative Macro #Player Initiative Macro #Familiar Initiative Macro Where the following: MASTERINITIATIVEROLL is a label for a roll (that will store the roll result for use further on in the specific macro it is called in) familiar|MASTERINIT is a new attribute on the Familiar's sheet (not ability...the left column of the attributes and abilities tab) that is named whatever you want to call it. This attribute will not show up on the character sheet. What this would do player would use the 'Character total initiative macro' to roll initiative (which would auto call the other two macros) Player's initiative result would be stored in the MASTERINITIATIVEROLL label ChatSetAttr would store the MASTERINITIATIVEROLL number in the new attribute on the familiar's character sheet Familiar's macro would be called. familiar would roll 0d0 dice (always equal to 0) plus the number stored in MASTERINITIATIVEROLL attribute Notes You should not have to create the attribute, the first time you use the macro, it would create the attribute if not already there. If already there, would just reuse it. make sure the attribute you create does NOT duplicate any other attributes on the character sheet do not show the 'familiar initiative' macro or the 'player initiative' macro. Only show the 'player total initiative' macro when using ChatSetAttr in the player macro (first one, that stores the initiative roll and sets the familiar's attribute), make sure you call the familiar with the full thing - @{char_id|ATTRIBUTE_NAME}, otherwise it will not work. This is all assuming that you set it as a token macro and the player has their character selected when running the macro (not the familiar selected) Character Total Initiative would only have the calls to the other two macros, no rolling in the total initiative one. Someone more familiar with ChatSetAttr would probably be able to give you the actual command line if you are unable to figure that part out yourself.