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Curse of Strahd - Wight (missing action)

In Curse of Strahd, when using the "character sheet" for a wight, the feature live drain is missing as a clickable action. It only has the options of attack with longsword or longbow. Maybe this could be added? Thanks.
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Confirmed. I can't see it either. :) The place to report a problem with marketplace or compendium content is in a  Help Center Request . This will file a ticket that will be attached to that module. When the time comes for patches, any changes like this will be neatly laid out. The Fix: In the meantime, if you need a working wight, open the existing one. Do not pop it out into its own window, and make sure you have no other character sheets open, popped out or not.. Search for "Wight" in the compendium tab. Drag it over the open existing sheet. Roll20 will ask if you want to accept a compendium drop. This will overwrite the existing one in the module and restore the Life Drain ability. It won't even overwrite the custom info in the Bio Tab that relates to the module (such as the link to the art handout.)