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"D&D 5e by Roll20" character sheet skill macros are broken


Edited 1614946439
@{skill_name_bonus} always returns either 0 or the attribute bonus instead of the skill bonus. It never returns the skill bonus value. Replication steps: Open an existing character sheet Click the settings cog to edit Give them a skill value to any skill (eg. athletics with a value of 4) Go to the "Attributes and abilities" tab Add a new ability Edit the new ability Enter @{skill_name_bonus} for the skill score that you modified (eg. @{athletics_bonus}) Press the die roll button to output the value to the message log The value will be output as either 0 or the attribute bonus. If you used my athletics example, the expected value would be 4 Description of setup Browser + Version: Firefox 86.0 Browser Addons/Extensions: headingswMap; Vue Devtools; Improved Initiative; React Developer Tools; 1Password; Malwarebytes; Stylus Operating System: Windows 10 Bug Triage Results The bug is able to be replicated in both Chrome and Firefox The bug is able to be replicated when all extensions are disabled The bug is able to be replicated after clearing the browser cache

Edited 1614946506
The logic should be something like: If a skill bonus value is provided: use skill bonus value else: use attribute bonus value You can use this macro to test the output: /w GM &{template:default} {{name=Skill checks: @{character_name}}} {{-- [STR] --=}} {{Athletics (@{athletics_bonus})= [[1d20+@{athletics_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{athletics_bonus}]]}} {{-- [DEX] --=}} {{Acrobatics (@{acrobatics_bonus})= [[1d20+@{acrobatics_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{acrobatics_bonus}]]}} {{Sleight o Hand (+@{sleight_of_hand_bonus})= [[1d20+@{sleight_of_hand_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{sleight_of_hand_bonus}]]}} {{Stealth (@{stealth_bonus})= [[1d20+@{stealth_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{stealth_bonus}]]}} {{-- [INT] --=}} {{Arcana (@{arcana_bonus})= [[1d20+@{arcana_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{arcana_bonus}]]}} {{History (@{history_bonus})= [[1d20+@{history_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{history_bonus}]]}} {{Investigation (@{investigation_bonus})= [[1d20+@{investigation_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{investigation_bonus}]]}} {{Nature (@{nature_bonus})= [[1d20+@{nature_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{nature_bonus}]]}} {{Religion (@{religion_bonus})= [[1d20+@{religion_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{religion_bonus}]]}} {{-- [WIS] --=}} {{Animal Hndling (+@{animal_handling_bonus})=[[1d20+@{animal_handling_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{animal_handling_bonus}]]}} {{Insight (@{insight_bonus})= [[1d20+@{insight_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{insight_bonus}]]}} {{Medicine (@{medicine_bonus})= [[1d20+@{medicine_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{medicine_bonus}]]}} {{Perception (@{perception_bonus})= [[1d20+@{perception_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{perception_bonus}]]}} {{Survival (@{survival_bonus})= [[1d20+@{survival_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{survival_bonus}]]}} {{-- [CHA] --=}} {{Deception (@{deception_bonus})= [[1d20+@{deception_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{deception_bonus}]]}} {{Intimidation (@{intimidation_bonus})= [[1d20+@{intimidation_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{intimidation_bonus}]]}} {{Performance (@{performance_bonus})= [[1d20+@{performance_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{performance_bonus}]]}} {{Persuasion (@{persuasion_bonus})= [[1d20+@{persuasion_bonus}]] | [[1d20+@{persuasion_bonus}]]}}