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Torchlight Press Products


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Hello! I'm one of the authors working with DMDave team and as some of you may have noticed the DMDave team releases a lot of adventures. This post will serve as an index for my adventures, both released through DMDave's page and released on my own creator page (map packs coming soon).  Feedback on any of these adventures is also welcome! Last Updated on 6/04/2021 Adventures April 2021 Medusa and the Cursed Forest - Level 10-11 Introducing Acantha, Lady of Sorrows, a new villain or patron for your campaign! March 2021 Curse of the Sunken Castle - Level 8 Explore a castle that fell into the sea and defy the wild magic that killed its residents! February 2021 Nightmares in the Puppet Shop  - Level 3 (the product page says level 5, but that was an error) Stop the cultists from opening a portal in a toy shop! Danger in the Dead Knight  - Level 5 Travel inside the head of an undead paladin to save her from herself! Hungry Hungry House: Enter the Mimic - Level 3 Escape the clutches of a house-sized mimic in this unusual side quest! Horselord's Vengeance - Level 3 Rescue sentient horses from the clutches of bandits in this quirky side quest! Petrified at Alderth Keep - Level 4 Clear an abandoned keep and rescued the petrified commoners within! January 2021 Wyvern Wrangling - Level 4 Extract poison from wild wyvern wyrmlings in this unusual side quest! December 2020 Venom of the Snake Queen - 4-Part Adventure Bundle Battle demons across the city and send them back to the Abyss in this adventure path! Dretches in the Garden  - Level 1 Explore a defunct botanical garden and stop dretches from spawning! Trash Gremlins  - Level 1 Capture dretches for a wealthy patron in this oddball adventure! Snakes in a Bar  - Level 3 Survive a deadly bar brawl in this fast-paced adventure! Lair of the Snake Queen  - Levels 4, 10, and 16 Battle a marilith alongside her demonic and snake minions in this boss battle! October 2020 Trouble at Virtue Post - Level 3 Battle through the undead remnants of this frozen outpost to stop an ecological crisis! Chittering Mines: Silence at Farnhurst Hollow - Level 5 Investigate the mining operation at Farnhurst Hollow and discover the secret to an ecological crisis below! Chittering Mines: The Lost Laboratory  - Level 6 Face fungal horrors and uncover the secrets of the lost laboratory!
The MapHatter
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DM Dave rocks - glad to see him represented here.