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Operation SATANIS GURPS WW2 3rd ed

Its 1939 and the War of all wars has begun . you are part of an elite Allied group asked to battle the evils of Hitler , Tojo, and Mussilini and others around the World ,Heinrich Himmler begins to perform rituals that summon all manner of horrors in the quest for domination. Can the power of the Lord of Hell aid the evil men of the Axis powers grant the destruction they seek. You will be playing 5 rough and talented individuals brought together to end this evil once and for all. We are Using GURPS 3E core book and the Core GURPS ww2 book to determine character stats and occupation . other ww2 books will be and can be employed. looking to do Character creation FRIDAY APRIL 9TH 7pm on DISCORD and Roll20 message IF INTERESTED IN PLAYING
Time zone is Central standard. seeking 4 players. can teach if you are new to GURPS message if interested
Still seeking players
Currently seeking 4 players
Is there any chance of changing the day of the week?
Andrew said: Is there any chance of changing the day of the week? sorry but thats the day i have to play
How about starting earlier?
Sorry but time and day are set to my schedule. Still seeking 4 players
Still seeking players
seeking players for this campaign
seeking players