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Piercing roll not behaving properly

Hello all.  Having trouble with a roll syntax, any help would be appreciated.  I've read through the roll die help page as well as various forum topics and stupid tricks, still haven't seen what I'm looking for (may be blind though).   Playing Torg Eternity.  It uses d6 bonus damage die.  These die explode on a 6, with the property that the 6 becomes a 5, and a new die is rolled and added (as per the rulebook as written).  This works well with the piercing function in Roll20 where the 1st die is kept and the 2nd die is at -1.  The mechanic is backwards from the rule book description, but the roll total is correct.  So, to make a bonus die roll the syntax in the macro is: ?{# Bonus Die|1}d6!p.  And this works great. Now I have a player who has the trademark weapon ability.  This allows them to reroll 1's (one time only).  So, if he had 3 bonus die of damage coming to him, and he rolled a 5, 3, 1, the 1 would be dropped and replaced with a new roll (say a 2 this time, bad luck), for a total of 10 (5 + 3 +2).  He can only do this once, so if his second reroll had also been a 1 he would have had a total of 9 (5 + 3 + 1).  This function can be satisfied by using the ro<1. So, to make a bonus die roll with trademark weapon ability the syntax in the macro I was using is: ?{# Bonus Die|1}d6!pro<1. And it was working great, however, I noticed weirdness in the reroll.  When a 1 is initially rolled and the second die is rolled for the trademark weapon ability, the system is applying a -1 modifier to it.  The die didn't pierce as it was not a 6, so there should be no modifier.  Example: Rolled 3 bonus die and achieved a 3 , 1, 5.  The 1 rerolled and showed a 3.  No die hit 6, so no die pierced.  So the final total should be 5 + 3 + 3 = 11.  However, the output in the chat window is showing a total of 10 (5 + 2 + 3).   It appears I need a way to apply the reroll 1's function before applying the pierce function.  I'm not seeing a way to do this and force an order of operations to piercing -vs- reroll 1's.  Any suggestions?
I don't play Torg, but you may want to post over in this thread: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> instead.
Thank you Rabulias, but that thread is not appropriate for this issue.&nbsp; That thread is specifically for use questions related to the Torg Eternity character sheet that was redesigned about a year ago.&nbsp; This question is more appropriate here as it has nothing to do with the character sheet itself but rather macro writing.&nbsp; The macro is to handle a power (similar to a feat for D&amp;D), that is character specific and not supported by the character sheet.&nbsp;&nbsp;
Do you use that sheet though or another? If you do use that sheet, that thread would have people familiar with the sheet (including the sheet's author), and thus be better able to answer your macro question. The sheet will determine what attribute names to use in the macros. Just trying to get good eyes on your question.