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New Add-ons from the VTT Enhancement Suit for Roll 20?

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Hey there, in advance: my english is a mess cause its not my mother tongue. There is the VTT Enhancement Suite who most of the Roll 20 Users know, and especially the DM´s of our games learned to love. I am asking myself, isnt there a way for the Roll 20 Team to bring this "Add-ons" in their existing System, or starting a cooperation with the VTT Enhancement Suite Team? I know there must be a reason for sure, why this is not easy for both of you. But i can´t find this reason&nbsp; in this Forum. (An answer would be a pleasure :) ) One possibility is the API and Pro/Plus subscription thing to pay for more accesability, which i totaly understand and support by myself. I think it would be a win/win situation, if there would be more "Add-ons" available for the Plus/Pro subscription users, without using API´s (because they can be very confusing at the very start) About the VTT Enhancement Suite: DISCLAIMER: The use of this tool is meant for use for your own campaigns. It is only meant and should only be used on campaigns with content that you legally possess. Even if using it only on your own previously uploaded content, the use of this tool may still be against the Roll 20 Marketplace Asset End User License Agreement ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ) and the Roll 20 EULA or Terms of Service ( <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> ) VTT Enhancement Suite is not affiliated with Roll20 and is developed independently. My Suggestion: Could you import the Add-ons from the VTT Enhancement Suite to Roll 20 to organize Stuff much better and handle a lot of things way easier? I am sure there a many Threads about this topic, but i cant find one explicting this question. Some of the posibilitys as example: At least: I count on the Community and the Roll 20 Team to split this Stuff in different Lists ( "Can be done"/ "Will be done"/ "Can´t be done" for example) As if there are other Threads in the Forum, we may can collect them here aswell with a link to the existing thread to make things easier to handle. I Try to Edit this Post to organize those lists. Queued: Alternative Page Tool bar Menu : Still missing vertical drop down Still searching in the Forum Threads..... Greetings
This has my vote!
A.J. Falcøn
Marketplace Creator
And my axe. Uh, I mean my vote as well.&nbsp;
I totally agree. I use the Suite in all of my games, as player and as DM and it would be great to see those functions supported or best implemented by Roll20.
Yup. I'm all in on this. Roll20 should be actively incorporating all sorts of enhancements that the community has created.
I completely agree. When a external group develops a very popular add-on to improve quality of life of GMs and players, roll20 needs to take note and try to incorporate those features directly.
Absolutely agree. I would like to see Roll20 incorporate the kind of features VTTES offers as standard.