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Transferring stuff.

So, if I were to go to the extreme  trouble of creating (for example) rollable tables for all the magic item tables in the DMG, in a game that I run, is there any  easy way for me to be able to 'transfer' that into any  of my games?
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Pro subscription feature " Transmogrifier " is what you need. Content that can be 'Transmogrified': Pages (including dynamic lighting) Characters Decks Handouts Rollable tables Jukebox playlist
So, no easy way of doing it without the higher level subscription?
Sheet Author
Dave L. said: So, no easy way of doing it without the higher level subscription? That entirely depends on whether you use modules for most of your play or run your own content possibly with some addons.  If you don't run modules, then you can create a base game with all your custom set up (including all the rollable tables you want), and then just copy that game when you want to start something new.  I do that even though I have access to the transmogrifier.  If you run modules, you would need to set up a base game for each module you own, since you can only create modules with a new game.
Dave, if you go with a Pro subscription, you can model all of your data in a spreadsheet, and then use a script to import it all. Doing it this way safeguards against duplication and other type of errors, as well as making the list portable to anyone else that has a Pro subscription or even would sit and type it all in.&nbsp; For tables of less than ten or so items I don't mind typing it in straight to a table. But for charts with hundreds of items I use a spreadsheet and an import script. More information here:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
The DMG in Roll20's marketplace has rollable tables for the Magic Item tables A-I, Figurine of Wondrous Power and Magic armour (as well as a macro to call the table). It also had the madness tables as rollable tables. Not sure if you need more than that. I can't remember, but I think you add them as an Add-on to any game.