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"Flip the bit" on "Free to Play"

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Nothing against people that want to: but I always, always have to click the damned "Only find games that are Free to Play" option when I search for games. This sucks. We all have to "opt in" to see Mature Content games; so why not flip the bit on the Free to play so one has to opt in to see all of the pay stuff? I am not one of those fancy graphic artist people but here is what I would love to see: If we have to opt in to see Mature Content, those that want to look at Pay to Play should opt in for that. The present system shows a prejudice towards the pay-people. Cannot speak for anyone else but you want to pay for games, that's fine. But if I can get rid  of one extra step when I look for games I believe the default should be the way Roll20 was before it got all cluttered with all of the "Professional" "Legendary" "Super-duper" and other GM types looking to shill some coin from people. I just want to find decent, free, games here.

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Yeah....I think that sounds better if you consider the information architecture, and especially the semiotics. Usually a check box implies a 'no' if unchecked.  I don't think I have ever unchecked a box to agree to any conditions :P  Jokes aside, I think it is extra important when it comes to commercial advertising to use the opt-in.
Roll20 makes too much money off of GMs with pay to play games because they are usually Pro.  See a conflict of interest, here? Maybe?

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Gargamond said: Roll20 makes too much money off of GMs with pay to play games because they are usually Pro.  See a conflict of interest, here? Maybe? I think we can safely assume that the aim will always be to have a platform that is as usable as possible. This will increase the number of users and add the income from advertising. Sure, pro-accounts probably give more money, but they also cost more money, for example by having more storage space, free monthly art-drops, no advertising revenue, in-game functions such as dynamic light etc. (There are also free games run by people with plus and pro accounts...) It is also in the interest of the p2p-GMs to have a good amount of players available, which will depend partially on how usable the platform is. So, again, let's assume that it is always better to have a usable platform, than to speculate in the opposite.
Pat S.
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The reason it is defaulted the current is, from what I understand, it shows all the actively recruiting games aka no filters. The "free games" checkmark is a filter, just like the days, the time, the game system etc. It is not about them making money off the paid games but showing all the actively recruiting games. Now they have the tools there for you to be selective in what you see, the filters. The only reason for the mature filter checkmark is because their are many gamers (underaged and others) that should not be subjected to those type of games. My issue is that the filters do not stay set to my preferences. I would be happy if the search filters would retain their settings when applied.

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Bruh, you contradict yourself Pat. The default does not show all games as it does not show the mature stuff. So let's take it one more step and flip the bit on the paid stuff. If people want to look at paid stuff - good for them. But just like mature games it should not be a default. We get enough advertising on the internet without having to click something to avoid all of the paid stuff. I freely admit, that is my preference. I don't mind even changing the language so I see only mine.  To save your defaults you could save the url as a bookmark and not have to keep changing things.  Ha! I see my pictures were deleted for some reason. All of that photoshopping for nothing! lol.
Gargamond said: Roll20 makes too much money off of GMs with pay to play games because they are usually Pro.  See a conflict of interest, here? Maybe? I don't think making money is a "conflict of interest" it's usually the point of a business.
I think a better option would be if roll20 remembered your options. It's a pain to have to select the kind of games your want to play every single time. A 'remember my selections' checkbox would fix this.