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Linking handouts

I've had a peculiar thing happens whilst trying to link some handouts. I've used the correct bracket [ ] around the name of the handout that I would like to link to, the handout exists, the spelling is correct, but for  some  of the handouts it refuses to link. The screen print below (the left hand one is the one I am working on) shows what I mean.  SOME  of the linking has worked, some hasn't. It's  not  to do with the apostrophe's  OR  the  BOLD.  I have tinkered, changing things, but nothing seems to be working! :(
Sheet Author
I would check the original handout that you want have linked to make sure there aren't any errant spaces in the title.  Maybe open the target handout and actually copy/paste that to where you want to have your link and then put the brackets around it.  If there is an extra space between names (for those that aren't a single name) or before/after the name, then your link won't work without matching. Make sure you don't have duplicate journal entries with the same name, though usually it will still link to one of them (first created, I think).
Forum Champion
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API Scripter
I know you say it has nothing to do with the bold, but sometimes the transition between styled and unstyled can cause a problem. If the space character before a link has the bold style, the link will not form. Try this, just to verify if it is the issue. Make a copy of the handout. remove all formatting. Select all, apply the Normal Style and use the eraser button to remove any errant local styling. Better yet would be to past it into a plain style text processor before pasting into the new handout. Save. See if your links resolve.